The epidemic in Jilin

2022-07-15 0 By

In the face of the epidemic, the virus is the biggest enemy.To deal with the epidemic, the whole society needs to help each other and work together.It’s not only health and epidemic prevention departments of charge in the former, and the whole people to participate in an control group control, more enterprise, unit, the collective from each according to his ability, to participate, especially some of the people’s livelihood security enterprise, unit, should take the initiative to bear, strengthen responsibility, between staying a duty, ensure supply, communication power supply, and the need of all aspects of materials,To stabilize the normal order of people’s lives during the epidemic prevention and control period and ensure the smooth development of prevention and control work.Both rise and fall.Enterprises should take responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and the public should fulfill their obligations. This is not only for others but also for themselves, but also to fulfill their industrial and social responsibilities and better serve the needs of epidemic prevention and control.All walks of life and the general public are duty-bound to do a good job in ensuring social security.Enterprises should adhere to the concept of putting people and life first, play an important role, strengthen industry self-discipline, do a good job in providing services, and help society to do a solid and thorough job in epidemic prevention and control.This time, the enterprise should not only improve the stance, improve ideological awareness, the epidemic prevention and control of job security as a sacred duty, as of a relationship between industry event to seriously, and compaction responsibility, strengthen management, play the “logistics” of the enterprise, to prevent the spread of the virus spread to provide better goods, service, responsibility and bear with practical action.Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control, and it is also necessary for everyone to show love and take action.All walks of life, the general public should seriously do a good job.