Qilihe District of Lanzhou: The personnel who come to and return to Lanzhou shall report to the police within 2 hours after arriving in Lanzhou

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Friends of the residents of the district: Through the unremitting efforts of the whole region, the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in our region is stabilizing and improving. However, the domestic epidemic situation is more numerous, widespread and frequent, and the prevention and control situation is still grim and complex.To achieve a complete victory in the war, we propose the following: first, fully cherish the hard-won achievements of the war.The epidemic prevention and control work in Our district has achieved the current stage results, the majority of party members and cadres, public security police, medical workers, retired soldiers, community workers, volunteers…We have made tremendous efforts and received great support from the residents of the district, and the results have not come easily.The last leg of a journey marks the halfway point.At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic has reached the most critical stage. Only by resolutely blocking the transmission channels of the epidemic can the hard-won prevention and control situation be consolidated.Ii. Fulfill personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.Those who come to and return to The Country shall report to the government within 2 hours after their arrival in The country;People coming to and returning to The Country, people staying in hotels and hotels, and people entering administrative organs, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations actively cooperate with the staff to do “one check and four checks” (namely, check the “Xiaolan assistant”, check the health code, check the travel card, check the 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate and check the temperature);”One scan and three checks” should be carried out in and out of residential areas (no negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours is checked);Take the initiative to comply with the “three zones” control requirements (strictly implement the “area is closed, stay indoors, door-to-door service” for the gated community and building, implement the “people do not leave the area, strictly prohibit gathering” for the control area, “strengthen social meeting control, strictly restrict people gathering” for the prevention area);Community residents report their recent travel cards to Dean Lou once a week via wechat screenshots.Third, strengthen the confidence and determination in fighting the epidemic.Thanks to the concerted efforts of all sectors of society, a chain has been established to ensure the supply of daily necessities that are safe, reliable, stable, and well regulated. The “last meter” of household services has been effectively completed, and vegetable baskets, rice bags, fruit trays, and medicine boxes can fully meet the needs.Please do not panic, do not create rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.Fourth, minimize liquidity.Under the special circumstances of fighting against the epidemic throughout the region, effective control measures have affected the normal life of residents.In particular, staying at home for a long time brings a lot of inconvenience to everyone’s life.Facts have proved that staying at home is one of the most effective ways to defeat omicron virus. Today’s temporary “staying at home” is for tomorrow’s long-term “flying”. In the coming week, please minimize going out and fight the epidemic at home to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.Office of qilihe District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group April 5, 2022