Ni Zhanhai: jump down body, build solid winter Olympics guarantee service foundation

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Ni Zhanhai, male, born in February 1975, is from Wanquan District Housing and Construction Bureau of Zhangjiakou City. He is the deputy commander of headquarters building A of Wanquan District Baolian Mountain Technical Officer Hotel.During the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, I was responsible for the medical epidemic prevention and garbage removal in building A of mountain Technical Officer Hotel.After the establishment of the united Party Committee, as the organizing member, he knew that he had great responsibility on his shoulder.Get down to work immediately.In the face of the hotel’s construction and decoration, hardware facilities are still not perfect, and actively communicate with the hotel’s construction and operation side by side, strive for a new change every day, to ensure that the staff can enter the hotel to carry out work on time.The hotel is a five-story, terraced hotel with a complex internal structure.Every night, he carefully studied the drawings of the hotel, carefully surveyed the circulation of the hotel during the day, memorized every channel, exit and elevator, and designed the epidemic prevention circulation of the hotel together with the city CDC personnel to ensure orderly access routes for check-in personnel.According to the requirements of the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games, all the waste generated after the closed loop is medical waste. He should not only conscientiously learn the waste removal knowledge, but also clarify the responsibilities of the waste removal staff, and arrange a special person to clean up regularly.In order to give full play to the role of the party branch as a fighting fortress, the party members of each working group were recruited into the joint Party Committee of the Race as soon as they settled in the hotel.We organized members to review the pledge of party membership, deepen party members’ awareness of dedication to the Winter Olympics, strengthen their responsibility for the Winter Olympics, require every Party member to always keep in mind their responsibilities and missions, and stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of party members in the guarantee service work.Party member meetings are held daily to summarize party building work on the basis of concentrated study and motivate all party members.In view of the current situation that the staff often cannot have meals on time, we bought two microwave ovens so that everyone can have hot meals at any time, which warmed everyone’s heart.Filming “please rest assured party, winter Olympics have me!””One day of Wanquan Resident Security Service Group”, “Help show true feelings, guarantee warm heart”, “My Winter Olympics Story” and other works 17, the production of Wanquan cultural characteristics of 11 display boards, a comprehensive display of service support staff’s spiritual outlook, wanquan history and culture and characteristic products.