It is said that at this time to eat peach glue snow swallow stewed jujube, beauty and beauty, is the best

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By static migo materials xue yan three o peach gum 5 star rock sugar right amount Chinese wolfberry Moderate red jujube piece of step 1, peach gum snow yan wash, with drinking water soak overnight ahead of schedule, soaked 2, 3, adding suitable amount of water into the appropriate shield PuWei pure steam steaming roast machine 4, the choice of mode, 30 minutes, halfway out 6, 5 to join the red jujube and Chinese wolfberry,7. It’s so thick and gelatinous, it tastes even better with milk!Cooking delicious have skills, my every dish has a small trick, we search “bean fruit” can directly view my recipe!Bookmark and follow this recipe if you like!Feel free to share your suggestions for this dish in the comments below.