Dimension drop strike + flash move!Gu Ailing 95.25 points strong gold, halfpipe dominance is too strong

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On February 18, Beijing time, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games are still in full swing, and today will usher in the absolute advantage of Chinese young athlete Gu Ailing:In the women’s halfpipe final, she won all the World Cup titles in this event before the Olympic Games. Yesterday, she easily qualified for the final with the highest score of 95.50. As long as she performs normally, she will have a very good chance to win this competition.At the same time came to the final also Chinese players Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui, these two ranked fifth and seventh respectively, three Chinese golden flowers can achieve what result, we wait and see.In the first round, Li played very steadily, finishing her 720 with a good score of 81.75, but it is difficult to win a medal without more than 90 points.The other Chinese player Zhang Kexin entered 1080 with a right wall forward slide, joined the 540, and finally finished the first competition with a left turn 720. Even though the performance was relatively stable, it was also built on the basis of low difficulty factor, so Zhang Kexin only got 78.85.GuAiLing because heats the achievement of the first, so was arranged in the last a finale, wearing a red coat, wearing a red and white see you GuAiLing up is a 900 + catch plate movement, and then turn right turn left after 900 and 720, then use the leap and mountain 540 upper left turn 360 degrees, finally turn right 180 catch plate to the end,Such a wonderful movement completely conquered the judges, Gu Ailing smoothly got 93.25 points, again to enter the second round of the final with the first place!So far, from the qualification to the final, none of the other 11 competitors could reach 90+. Gu Was really able to lower the score. In gu’s second jump, she started with 900+ backslide 360, and then used the mountain side 540 and 720 grip boards.He scored 95.25 points higher than the first round and was far ahead of the others.Apart from Gu, only Cathy Sharp of Canada scored more than 90 points, which were limited to 90.00 and 90.75.In fact, gu Ailing had already secured the gold medal before her third jump, because she was the last one to come out and no one else could get close to her score of 95.25. Congratulations to princess Frog and Gu Ailing!This gold medal did not come easily. Without hard training, this glorious moment could not be achieved. Congratulations to this talented girl once again!