Destiny is one’s own choice

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onePeople live, in addition to the struggle for survival, but also have different hobbies.Or to make life meaningful, or to have something to live on, or to have a pastime.In this world, some people are addicted to tobacco, some to alcohol, some to chess…Ye Zinong’s hobby was to understand the truth of cause and effect of social structure by reading and thinking.In other words, reading and thinking are his way of life.If he had not looked for Luo Jiaming, there would not have been the later “no way to go”;If it had not been for the “blind road”, Perhaps Luo jiamin would not have ventured to Moscow to invest in the oil business and killed himself.Without Luo jiaming’s private debt, Lin Hongxue would not have been desperate to find a leaf farmer;If it were not for the likes and dislikes of the leaf farmer, he would not care about debt.If there had been no export of labor to settle the debt, he would not have known Brandi and would not have been involved in the political vortex…Without all this, of course, the leaf farmer could go on living his quiet little life.Unfortunately, fruit is unchangeable. Leaf farmer has done what he wants to do, he should bear what he should bear, and he is mentally prepared to face what will happen.That’s what fate is all about.He has been unable to read as quietly as before, he is waiting for the whirlpool hit, he waited for the domestic red sichuan place criminal subpoena, he knows he can only walk into the storm, because in addition to this road, he has no choice.When dai Mengyan came to Berlin that the dangerous situation of leaf farmers, advised Leaf Farmers to think of a compromise strategy, but Leaf farmers refused, everyone has their own values, leaf farmers are not Dai Mengyan, is not Zhang SAN or Li Si, because he is leaf farmers, so can only choose the way to meet the values of leaf farmers.He could only face the storm, alive or dead.If Dai Mengyan was impressed by Ye Zinong because he had “gutsy” in the debt meeting, then Dai Mengyan was moved by Ye Zinong’s fearlessness and responsibility. The more Ye Zinong pushed her away, the more she had to move with him, which was “gutsy”.This trumped-up political event has stirred public opinion at home and abroad.From the leaves downstairs, every place, will be tracked by a group of reporters with a keen sense of smell interview, it is not easy to take the plane.Just after the plane took off, Ye Zinong saw the sudden appearance of Dai Mengyan, the original Dai Mengyan insisted on helping himself to buy first-class ticket, is her little mind, at this time ye Zinong, how could get rid of the chivalry woman.Two, return to Beijing for questioning, the plane slowly landing.In the channel exit, Dai Mengyan suddenly took Ye Zinong arm into the public view, Dai Mengyan surprise ye Zinong helpless.Man is a model of dialectical logic, the woman is a model of formal logic, so women in any public performance is not to blame, especially her intention is to maintain Ye Zinong, Dai Mengyan move will undoubtedly at great personal cost at this time, may be the end of the career, to this, Ye Zinong knows that.The police will ye Zinong away, Dai Mengyan with agent Liang Shiqiao back to the hotel.Hongchuan police on Ye Zinong suspected of organizing illegal cross-border subpoenas, just floating on the surface of the imaginary shot, the real highlight, of course, is the security agency head Zhang Zhicheng inquiry.Zhang Zhicheng is an old revolutionary, and he has a lot of experience in the security sector. He needs to know the real story.However, Ye Zinong is also a thoughtful person. He may be able to deduce a lot of truth and facts, but at least he cannot prove them 100% at present. Since he cannot prove them yet, he is not willing to tell them in detail in public.Zhang Zhicheng immediately understood The difficulty of Ye Zinong. He took Ye Zinong out of the agency’s office alone and drove to a small restaurant on a street, a quiet private room, just the two of them.In the face of considerate Zhang Zhicheng, Ye Zinong no longer beat around the bush, from the Berlin creditor’s meeting to Brandi’s visit, from accepting the invitation to Meet with President George in New York, to the NRG Alliance Woerth interview, and then to hongchuan police summons…I told you exactly what happened.If these seemingly confusing, ordinary people unimaginable story plots, are fictional, then Ye Zinong is unable to justify, every link of which is extremely complex and meticulous, and George president before opening his mouth, is undoubtedly the most representative.President George is the president of a multinational enterprise, not an ordinary person, even Zhang Zhicheng may not be able to refute the proposition of the other side.If Ye zinong can explain this part of the story, Zhang Zhicheng has reason to believe that Ye Zinong’s story is not imaginary.So, Zhang Zhicheng asked Ye Zinong, how can you conclude that George is wrong without looking at the topic?Ye zinong explained that any setup that derived the rationale for his contract had to be a preset position because he had to prove that he was right and I was wrong.Since it is a position, there must be some leakage, just a question of one way or another.George’s first proposition has two sides, and George himself knows it is wrong, just to deduce the second proposition.In the second proposition, George agrees that there are two sides, but still two is one.In other words, Although George has unified the contradictions, he is still on the same side.If George had understood that there was no one, he would not have had a predetermined position, and if he had not had a predetermined position, he would not have invited Ye Nong to New York, he would not have tried to prove that he was right and Ye Nong was wrong.This is a very philosophical game. Zhang Zhicheng is an old revolutionary, and Marxism is his belief. It is impossible for him to be ignorant of dialectics.But this just proves the high level of leaf farmers.Since leaf farmers are indeed capable, all this makes sense.Ye Zinong himself proved his innocence, Zhang Zhicheng is also relieved that this is no longer a heavy task, all the fog has disappeared.Is the so-called do not play do not know, Zhang Zhicheng appreciate Ye Zinong’s knowledge, Ye Zinong also admire Zhang Zhicheng’s wisdom, two people began to treat each other as friends.Three, the other side of the ocean wave George president, who was in the dark about the party, from the newspaper read ye Zinong’s experience.He was in a good mood this day, but the news of Ye Zinong upset his good mood, and when he confirmed things from O ‘Brien’s mouth, it was more helpless and regret.In George’s mind, he regarded himself as both an elite businessman and a gentleman of society. He was a man of rank and prestige, but his subordinates had undoubtedly done something sordid that lowered him and brought him down.So George said, apologize.George meant a sincere apology, but O ‘Brien interpreted it as another tool.George was spitting blood.George could not allow the old man to interfere any more, or his reputation would disappear.Brandi in George’s private inspiration, found nine, request nine instead of the boss and his apology to Ye Zinong, and said the company is willing to help Ye Zinong escape from trouble, come to New York development.This disguised apology, seemingly sincere help, actually pushed the leaf farmers into a fiery pit.If a person cannot get rid of his own position and understand the position of others, he will always do what he thinks is good but hurts others.That’s true of George, and it’s true of Brandy.O ‘Brien, on the other hand, is a far cry from George and Brandi. For all his brain and machinations, his heart is garbage.Lao Jiu of course will go to visit ye Zinong in trouble, because Ye Zinong is his friend, but Lao Jiu of course will not accept the identity of the special envoy of Delano company, any person with backbone, will look down on the force of the frame, let alone the other side was originally intentional.To be continued.Thank you for reading, following and sharing.