“Ice Dun Dun” and “snow Rong Rong” appeared on paper

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Big river network news (reporter Zang Xiaojing) a pair of scissors, a piece of red paper, flipped and folded, a few minutes later, vivid “Ice Dun dun” “arena yingzi” “Tiger treasure” on the paper……Recently, four paper-cut works created by teachers and students of shangqiu’s intangible cultural heritage “Folk multi-layer paper-cut” were displayed in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Three of the works are 7 meters long and 18 centimeters wide, and include Chinese elements such as the Great Wall and several city landmarks.The group flowers presented to the Beijing Winter Olympics are one of the oldest and most traditional paper-cut layouts. By folding diagonally twice, three times, four times and five times, you can cut out several even graphics.The overall shape is mostly round, a symbol of reunion and beauty, loved by everyone.”We are very honored to have the opportunity to successfully complete this paper cutting work and send it to Beijing as a ‘national gift’ for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Shangqiu Normal University college of Art and Design multi-layer paper cutting studio instructor Jia Yanmei said.”On the one hand, the design of the Olympic group flowers shows the Olympic style and the sense of responsibility of a big country, and at the same time reflects the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture.The studio extracted auspicious patterns such as the Winter Olympic Games emblem, ice Dun Dun, snow Rong-rong, Winter Olympic Events, the heroic appearance of the stadium, and The Year of the Yin and The Tiger of Ren Yin as creative elements.”Jia Yanmei introduced that after a week of careful design and repeated modification, 10 students created 7 winter Olympics and 2 Winter Paralympics group flowers.”The design of the Olympic flowers not only shows the traditional paper-cutting skills, but also enables students to feel the strength of China and the pride of being Chinese.We wish the Olympic athletes the best style, the best level of competition, and further achievements. We also hope that the students in the studio have the courage to break through, dare to innovate and make persistent efforts.””Said Teacher Bai Yu.In fact, this is not the first time for them to make national gifts.As early as December 2015, the 14th Meeting of the Council of Heads of Government (Prime Ministers) of SCO member States was held in Zhengzhou. Jia Yanmei’s teachers and students were invited to make the paper-cut portrait of “National Gift”, which was collected by heads of government of many countries.On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the teachers and students of the paper-cut studio also specially carefully created 9 long rolls and more than 30 paper-cut works to participate in the school’s “red paper-cut reflects the original heart” theme paper-cut works exhibition, which has been praised by the majority of teachers and students.It is understood that since the multi-layer paper-cutting studio of the school was approved as the first batch of Excellent Traditional Chinese culture inheritance base in Henan Province in 2019, on the one hand, the traditional paper-cutting culture has been popularized around the curriculum construction, on the other hand, the comprehensive construction of the studio has been strengthened, and the base has been made into the characteristics and brand of Shangqiu Normal University.Ba Xian Qi welcomes The Winter Olympics, Ao Xue Lingshuang Celebrates the Winter Olympics, Winter Olympics · Ice And Snow Lianmei, Guo SE Tian Xiang Welcomes Distant Visitors, Star Tiger · Ruyi Winter Olympics, Snow Condensed Into Flowers