Guangyuan Lizhou District sandui town to build a new model of rural collective economic development

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The warm sun shines, and everything revives.On a spring day, Sandui Town, Lizhou District, Guangyuan City, is slowly unfolding a vivid picture of the countryside.In a plum industrial park full of flowers, villagers are busy tending fruit trees.Aquaculture base in the fish pond, and the shore of the rapeseed set off…Domain exploration in recent years, the town of three heap to town collective economy expands as the lead, the village collective economic stake in the development of the mode, actively build a new pattern of rural collective economy development, promote the village-level collective economy from “solo” to “native development”, in 2021, the town collective economy income exceeding RMB 2 million, to hand over the village are “report card” of the income exceeds 100000 yuan.To create a “new model” for collective economic development “In the past, village collectives had no money, and their waists were not straight.Now, with the leadership of the commune, not only the ‘palm Field’ has become a ‘golden field’, but also the collective economy of our village has become much richer!”Standing on the hillside of yangpan village in sandui town, looking at the new 100 acres of high-standard farmland under the mountain, wang Yi, secretary of the village Party branch, said happily.According to Wang Yi, to change the past practice of outsourcing projects, the village’s total investment of 2 million yuan of high-standard farmland construction project by the town collective economic community, the community and the village collective will receive a profit of 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively after the completion of the project.This is the epitome that village collective economy leads development to grow only.In the villages there is a small project implementation, the cadre is afraid of losing enthusiasm is not high, lack of resources, problems such as bad projects selected, three heap town boldly explore the form of collective economic development expands, village collective “three-capital” in a manner, to absorb the whole town 14 village collective economy bureau, build strong collective economy development new pattern.”The town collective economic association is guided by the Party committee, through pooling funds, resources, assets, effective integration, and then overall planning, unified implementation, to guide the development of each branch ‘group’.”Wang Hanjun, secretary of the Party Committee of the town, said that the town to explore the collective economy double-layer organization “baotuan” structure, on the one hand, for the party to lead the collective economic development to find the entry point, has always stabilized the collective economic development “steering wheel”;On the other hand, through the overall planning of the head office, the town has achieved the gathering and dispersion of collective resources, which has condensed the strong resultant force of the sustainable development of collective economy.Since Last June, 70-year-old Zhang Fayi has been working as an aquaculture technician in nearby Jiulong village. He is happy to earn 5,000 yuan a month.This is the first attempt of sandui town collective economic association to carry out cross-village “enclave” group and promote the villagers to run towards prosperity.”Some experienced and skilled farmers in Qili Village face the problem of failure to convert their production after the ban on large lake fish cage farming.Geo-adjacent Jiulong village is flat, convenient ditches and rich in water resources.”According to tao Rui, secretary of the party Committee of collective economic union of three piles of town, in view of the actual situation of each village, the general agency leads two villages to complement each other with resources and technological advantages, and finally partners to build 10 mu aquaculture base in Jiulong village, invited seven villages “soil experts” for management and protection.”The combination of resources and technology has given the two villages a new start.”Tao said that in June, 40,000 high-quality fish released last year will be officially listed, with an expected output value of more than 900,000 yuan and a profit of 350,000 yuan. The two villages will share out dividends based on the proportion of their shares.Is focused on the villages collective economic development with resources without money “” money no resource” “has the technology resources (such as” difficult problem, three heap town based on the “branch + bureau” joint mechanism, actively explore to establish “enclave economy”, focusing on the resource advantage complementary, break traditional regional closed operation and implement capital, resources beyond the “marriage”, industrial convergence new path,We will promote collective economic development in all villages.Activate collective economic income “new engine” under the warm sun of the dragon village full of vitality, sandui town collective economic association in the establishment of 50 acres of honey crisp plum industrial park, the villagers are wearing masks, waving insecticidal sprayer bar, busy, the forest laughter constantly floating out.The industrial park is expected to generate revenue of 250,000 yuan early next year.Gaoqiao village collective economic cooperative and all members of the cooperation, around the service enterprise, local development of two main lines, the effective use of gaoli cement factory waste stone, raise 2 million yuan to establish gaoqiao sand factory, nearby production.Since its operation, it has realized output value of 14.16 million yuan, completed tax revenue of over 1 million yuan, net income of 4.8 million yuan, member bonus of 2.75 million yuan, the average annual income of village collective economy has broken through one million yuan mark, realizing “win-win and mutual promotion” between enterprises and local….Three heap town in recent years, according to the thinking of “what to make money on developing what”, actively explore “CNS +” diversity “means” development mechanism, around the “CNS + bureau” integration platform, set up collective economic hatcheries, adhere to the CNS as a whole, bureau chief, the realization “three-capital” baling, talent group, the villages “unity”, condensation of widely diversified development together,Broadened the door that collective economy increases income.Next, the town will be consolidating collective economy, on the basis of existing around the national spatial planning and industrial layout, dig into landscape scenery, history and cultural memory, three line resource advantages, continue to explore the collective economy expands leading the branch in the agriculture brigade fusion, building new building materials, product processing and other aspects of the development path, broadening the village-level collective economy development space,We will further enhance the “hematopoietic” function of collective economy and promote the development of collective economy in all villages.(lrsa)