Day and night to ensure that China Southern airlines “acceleration” to help Jilin anti-epidemic front line

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From March 15 to 21, China Southern Airlines carried out seven consecutive charter flights of 33 medical supplies. During the eight days from March 22 to March 29, China Southern Airlines continued to send 30 flights to carry out the charter mission of “replacing passengers with goods”.32,400 pieces of medical supplies from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei, Luoyang, Wuhan and Tianjin, totaling 358.4 tons, arrived in Changchun smoothly.From March 24 to the early morning of March 25, China Southern Airlines carried out three consecutive charter flights to complete the transport of 520 medical workers from shaanxi Provincial medical team to Jilin province, and rushed to the front line of jilin’s fight against the epidemic with the acceleration of China Southern Airlines.From March 22 to 29, China Southern Airlines made coordinated arrangements and various departments actively coordinated to allocate flight capacity, arranging wide-body aircraft such as Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 to carry out flight missions, further contributing to the epidemic prevention and control work in Jilin Province.China Southern Jilin Branch fully summarizes the experience of charter flight support work, and according to the major air transport task support plan, holds the preparatory meeting of charter flight support in advance, further clarizes the guarantee nodes, strengthens the continuous monitoring of operation dynamics, and improves the efficiency of operation support work.Combined with the characteristics of “passenger to cargo” charter flight, support vehicles are arranged to realize simultaneous unloading of passenger and cargo hold and ensure rapid transfer of medical supplies.At the same time, according to the crowded arrival of medical supplies, Volunteers and field staff of China Southern Airlines worked around the clock to make preparations before the flight took off. They were all in place 15 minutes before the flight landed, and transferred the supplies to the front line of the epidemic prevention and control in Jilin from dawn to night.”Changchun Changan, Changan Changchun” escort of Shaanxi and Jilin With one Heart and one Star Night “Thank you, Xi ‘an Angel in white” and “Jilin People thank you”. The ground service personnel of Jilin Branch of China Southern Airlines, wearing white protective suits and holding slogans, were waiting at the entrance of Langqiao early on March 25 at 1:05, 1:30 and 2:18.As the chartered flights CZ5677, CZ5683 and CZ5693 landed smoothly at Changchun Longjia International Airport successively, China Southern Airlines carried 520 medical workers and 12.9 tons of medical supplies from Shaanxi Medical team to Jilin province and successfully completed the air transport support task of shaanxi medical team to Jilin Province.In order to ensure the guarantee of the charter flight, all units of China Southern Airlines worked closely together to formulate the guarantee plan in advance, organize the guarantee process, understand the number of medical teams and medical supplies, and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the safe and smooth operation of flights.On the same day, Jilin branch specially sent additional flight security personnel and service personnel, night on duty, ready.After the arrival of the flight, the field staff accelerated the loading and unloading speed of medical supplies and luggage, guided the medical team to leave the field quickly, and completed the service guarantee work of shaanxi Medical team assisting Kyrgyzstan with efficient guarantee and enthusiastic service, ensuring that the medical staff were engaged in the fight against the epidemic as soon as possible.The mission of central enterprises is duty-bound to play their advantages to show their responsibilities.As of March 29, China Southern Airlines has carried out 66 chartered flights, escorted 520 medical personnel from other provinces, and carried 67,000 pieces of medical team luggage and 828 tons of anti-epidemic supplies to Changchun, helping Jilin’s frontline fight against the epidemic.Since the outbreak, China southern airlines always give top priority to the epidemic prevention and control work, the performance of the state-owned enterprises social responsibility, giving full play to the advantages of air transport and air base in the main transport, to provide prevention material transportation artery for Air China southern “acceleration”, contributing to jilin win epidemic prevention and control to be completed, war air force.Editor: Zhang Peng