Come on, Shanghai!Guizhou Tongzi donated more than 60 tons of daily necessities to Shanghai

2022-07-14 0 By

At noon on April 6, three trucks carrying more than 60 tons of daily necessities left Tongzi County, Guizhou province, for Putuo District, Shanghai, to support COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai and ensure the stable supply of “vegetable basket”.The supplies are expected to arrive on the evening of the 7th.It is reported that the daily necessities were donated to Putuo District by Guizhou Laogaoshan Food Co., LTD., Guizhou Xinbang Agricultural Development Co., LTD., and Zhang Xuanze, a caring person from Zunyi.More than 60 tons of daily supplies from Tongzi, Guizhou, rushed to Shanghai, including pickles, pickled cowpea, radish, lettuce, dried beans and other food.”It’s all packed separately and Shanghai citizens can take it home and eat it.”On April 7, Yu Weixi, chairman of Guizhou Xinbang Agricultural Development Co., LTD.After the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, It affected Yu Weixi’s heart.He then found guizhou Laogaoshan Food Co., LTD., zunyi love person Zhang Choesheng, three people together to discuss the donation of this batch of materials for Shanghai.Employees are packing vegetables to ensure safe arrival, three trucks with two drivers each, a total of six drivers.Two of the drivers are from Shanghai.They were running logistics in southwest China, and they signed up for the event as soon as they knew, wanting to do something for their hometown.Since 2013, Shanghai has closely focused on “what Zunyi needs and what Shanghai can do”, providing all-round and multi-field assistance to Zunyi.”Mountain and sea” hand in hand deep friendship and friendship.”This time Shanghai is in trouble, we will also help.As the head of the company, we should shoulder our corporate responsibility and help Shanghai win the battle against epidemic prevention.”Yu said.