Although many battles, Ding Hao first win park nine section!

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Ding Hao and Park Jung-hwan are currently ranked second in the national standings, but the difference is that Park Jung-hwan is not old, the veteran of 93 still let opponents fear, Ding Hao is 00 after the chess player, is expected to have a better breakthrough in the results, the two chess players battle?Today we will see how the young player of the 2000s defeated han, which became ding Hao’s first win against Park Jiuduan in official matches.In the match, Ding Hao takes the black first, and the two players fight in the set. White jumps to defend the corner, and black follows with the same pace.After that, the two players will quickly finish the corner on the right.The first balance of the situation was broken at the bottom right, where black’s 67 and 69 tips kept White on the top right while contending for the ground.After the lower-right layout is complete, Black cuts through white’s corner and develops toward the midsection in the shape of a branch.A complicated matchup of White turns the tables on the top right in the middle game, with black 99 and 101 slow moves, giving White enough ground on the top right to take all three black moves.So white came to the middle of the battle with a slight advantage, although the middle of the white slow, but in the lower right and the upper edge of the battle, white gradually reduced the advantage to expand.At the end of the game, when black is seen to accept the loss, white is slow in the official, while black is fighting and taking advantage of stability. Finally, after the end of the game, black wins the game with 3/4 pieces under the support of strong ideas.For more exciting content, come to miss Lei 76