Addis River: the first men’s basketball xinjiang national player, was expelled from the national team, known as the Chinese magician

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As a player, he was controversial, dazzling dribble, elusive passer and impressive headband. He was expelled from the national team by Gong Luming for breaking team rules and retired as a coach for 20 years.This article reviews the history of Adi Jiang’s basketball.Adijiang, 1.82 meters tall, was born in 1967 in Hotan city, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Adjiang was his given name, and his family name was his father’s name, Suleiman.His father Sulaiman used to be the main force of Urumqi Youth Men’s Volleyball Team, and then served as the director of the Municipal Sports Committee and volleyball coach.Nurman, the mother, works in a library.Adjiang inherited his father’s sports heritage and developed an interest in basketball from an early age.In addition to talent and diligence, there are also opportunities along the growth path of Adjiang.In 1978, at the age of 11, Adjiang began basketball training.One day in 1979, twelveyear-old Adjiang in order to watch a bayi men’s basketball team and the United States professional team video game, because he was too small, riding on the wall to watch the video.Adjiang was impressed by the dribbling and passing skills of the American players.Since then, Adjiang almost every day hand ball, as long as there is time to soak in the basketball court.In 1979, Adjiang represented Hotan city to participate in the xinjiang youth basketball competition, the results of all.His skilled dribbling skills surprised experts. At that time, The Xinjiang Sports School had just been established and Adjiang attracted the attention of the school.Father Suleiman saw that his son was a piece of dry sports material, in order to enter the school selection, hard training for three months, every night he led Adjiang to the open-air stadium, in the dark dribble, pass, shoot.Who can think of, the school requirements for basketball class students is: height must be above 1.80 meters.At that time, He was less than 1.70 meters tall and could not even touch a rebound, so he was assigned to a soccer class.But Adjiang thought football was boring and focused on playing basketball.Three months later, Adjiang took a group of football students and basketball class to play a basketball game, actually won.’If I don’t move to the basketball class, I’ll go home and stop practicing,’ he told the school.In this way he entered the basketball team and was soon selected to the Xinjiang Youth team.Because of his hard work, he was selected to the Xinjiang National Team in 1982.At this time, Adjiang has a higher goal, to reach the first team.In 1983, Adjiang was admitted to the Competitive Sports School of Beijing Sports Institute. But the school life was not suitable for Him. He wanted to play basketball and be a real basketball player.But it was coming to the Beijing Sports Institute that gave Adjiang the chance to make his mark in national competitions.In 1984, he participated in the National youth league on behalf of The North Sports Team, and played in the same group with the Bayi Youth Team. Zhou Chunlin, the coach of the BayI Youth Team, took him to the bayI Youth team.He finally got his wish and made the coveted August First Team.In November of that year, he joined the army and became a member of the Bayi Men’s basketball team the following year.In 1985, at the age of 18, Adjiang won the championship of the first national Youth Sports Meeting, showing his skilled skills and causing a sensation in the basketball world.In 1986, the Bayi Team won the championship in the National league in Changzhou, Jiangsu province.At this time, The River has become a member of the rotation, and Mu Tiezhu, Kuanglubin and other general together to win the cup.In the same year, he was selected to the China Youth Men’s Basketball Team and won the Asian Youth Championship with the team.In 1987, the August 1st men’s Basketball team, the hegemon of China’s basketball world, had a difficult situation of a shortage of young men’s basketball. Wu Xinshui, Mu Tiezhu, Xing Weining, Guo Yonglin, Ma Lianbao, Kuang Lubin and other masters who had been playing basketball for many years retired.The young players, such as Adijiang and Song Ligang, who had only won the national youth championship, had to shoulder the heavy burden and began to participate in the National league with huang Yunlong and Wang Fei. At the age of 19, they became the main force of the August 1st men’s basketball team and won the championship.In June 1989, Sun Bang, the national men’s basketball coach, selected Gong for the national team training because of his comprehensive skills.In 1990, Jiang Xingquan took over as the coach of the National men’s basketball team, and Adijiang was officially admitted to the national team.From then on, he began a new leap in his basketball career.In 1991, He went to Japan to win the Asian Championship.At 1.82 meters, He was the shortest player in the national men’s basketball team at that time.However, his skillful basketball skills, especially his dazzling dribbling and passing, won the hearts of the fans.At that time, some traditional basketball techniques still dominated.Some of the way he handles the ball feels too flashy.Crossovers, one-handed passes, backswiping passes, dazzling.But Adjiang felt that he was just following the ball and not trying to express himself.So, on that dull basketball court, he excelled in his skills.This is adjiang’s style, he has played like this since childhood, to develop his own characteristics.He thinks basketball is not just a game, but also a game to watch. He likes to play it his way.In 1992, China finished 12th in Barcelona.When He returned to China from the Barcelona Olympics to play in the National League, Liaoning gave up the defensive game and beat him with 5 defense and 4 defense.Adijiang thought, no shot, break through into the ball will only points, the height had no advantage, don’t score, then I have what use?This time the blow to let the River more hard training, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, a qualitative improvement.In the final of the 7th National Games in 1993, The August 1st team met Liaoning team again.Adijiang was a completely different man. His three points surprised Liaoning team and made it difficult for them to guard against him. It played an important role in the bayi team’s victory over Liaoning to become the champion.After returning to the national team in 1993, Adjiang, who had been on the bench, finally made his mark and became the starting point guard.Within a year, Adjiang and his teammates won the World University Games held in the United States, the Asian Men’s Basketball Championship in Jakarta, and the East Asian Games in Shanghai.His carding attack and organization play an important role.In December 1993, Adjiang married his girlfriend of five years.His wife dilinur was born in a Uyghur art family in Xinjiang, and her father was the head of the Xinjiang Orchestra.In 1988, he worked as an actor in xinjiang Military Song and Dance Troupe and was named one of the top ten song and dance stars in Xinjiang. Later, he was transferred to Beijing General Administration Song and Dance Troupe.His wife is very supportive of Adjiang and often brings a son and daughter to the sidelines to cheer him on.There is one thing that has to be mentioned, that is, in preparation for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, The Chinese men’s basketball team in Liuzhou training, as the captain and the main point guard, adi Jiang in the training to the dissatisfaction of Gong Ruming, then he took his wife to the resident, a serious violation of the team rules, Gong Ruming expelled him.1994 was a busy year.In August, China made a historic breakthrough in the Men’s Basketball World Championships in Toronto, beating Brazil and Spain to advance to the group stage. Although China lost to Canada in the knockout round, it still reached the quarter-finals.In September, represented the PLA team to participate in the first World Military Games held in Italy, and made a good performance for the Chinese team to enter the top four.In October, gold medal of Hiroshima Asian Games.In 1995, Adijiang went to the Asian Championship for the third time with the Chinese team and won the gold medal again.In 1995, Chinese basketball ushered in a new era, the CBA league began the Yuan Year.The River is in its golden stage and is becoming more and more mature.He is on the court to comb the team offense, teammates each show their talents, although he does not score much, but he is an indispensable part of the team.Adijiang’s league numbers weren’t great because his teammates were so good, averaging 8.7 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2.6 steals in his first season.As he gets older and fan bin grows up, Adijiang’s playing time also decreases.In 1999-2000, he averaged 1.3 points in 15 minutes per game.He is preparing for the transition, and as a field commander, he believes he can make a difference as a coach.In September 1999, He made his debut as a coach in the National Club Under-22 League and won the first place in the league.As an athlete, he just needs to play well. But as a coach, he needs to consider the cooperation of the whole team, design different techniques and tactics for different opponents, and manage the team and adapt to the off-court situation.At the end of the 1999-2000 season, Adijiang retired.Stay in the Bayi team to assist Wang Fei, as an assistant coach.But a shortage of defenders required him to double as an athlete, so the 33-year-old trained hard for more than a month and finally passed the 3,200-meter test.In the 2000-01 season, Adjiang was an assistant coach with the team to win the sixth CBA championship.In 2001, Adijiang went back to his hometown and joined Xinjiang Men’s Basketball team in the First B League.At that time xinjiang team leadership to find river, hope he can help the team into A A, river is also very willing to contribute their own strength for the hometown team.In view of the consideration of western development, the superior leaders agreed to this request, but it did not happen that year.The following year, Xinjiang team led by Jiang Xingquan in advance of A round into A.After a short season with Xinjiang in the first B league, Adijiang returned to Bayi.At this point, he is still an assistant coach.However, due to Wang Fei’s resignation, Adjiang’s identity also ushered in a change.In early December 2001, four days before the start of the new season, the leaders of Bayi announced that Adjiang would take over as head coach.But he was not ready at that time, rushed to take over, Adjiang did not have time to put the tactics in order, has been sitting on the sidelines.Wang Zhizhi’s move to the U.S. to join the NBA this season has weakened Bayi.The first round of the new season, “six consecutive champion” bayi away team against Shandong.No experience of river embarrassed, even made a very low-level mistake.Because the first section of team Shantong and no foreign aid, disrupted the Addis River platoon platoon array.When the players ready to play, aditjiang hurried to make adjustments, replaced the preparation of defense foreign aid Li Ke, let Liu Yudong stage.No one noticed at first, but after a while the technical officials noticed that Liu Yudong was not in the starting lineup of the Bayi Team.So suspended the game, sentenced Liu Yudong to leave the field, and gave the Bayi technical foul, by the shandong team three free throws.Such a low-level mistake, let bayi instant dumb fire, shandong took the opportunity to counter-attack, hit an 11-0 climax.Adjiang’s maiden battle ended in a crushing 87-108 defeat.All season, bayi ranked second in the regular season with a 17-7 record and advanced to the playoffs finals against Yao Ming’s Shanghai team.This year’s finals can be said to be the most exciting CBA finals ever.In the first game, despite yao Ming’s 49 points on 21 shots, Bayi still won 127-125, and Shanghai pulled off two straight games to reach match point.Game 4 was even more intense, with Hart’s putback with 1.7 seconds left to win 123-122, giving Shanghai its only championship in team history.In adijiang’s first year on the job, the Bayi Team stopped winning the championship for six consecutive years. Although Dazhi’s absence affected the team, Adijiang still has a lot to learn as a rookie coach.In the 2002-03 season, Yao left for the NBA, the Shanghai team’s performance plummeted, and guangdong Rose strongly.Yi Jianlian won the best rookie, Li Qun won the best guard, Jichun won the best center, zhu Fangyu won the best forward, all from Guangdong Team, they entered the finals.Adjiang summed up the lessons of failure, continuous efforts to learn, and Li Chunjiang won the best coach of the season, the Bayi team also smoothly into the final.In the final, Liu Yudong and Li Nan played well. Bayi team defeated Guangdong Team 3-1 and regained the championship cup again.Adijiang also won his first championship as a head coach.In the 2003-06 season, Adjiang led the Bayi Team to finish second twice.In the 2004-05 season, the Bayi Team failed to reach the final for the first time and got the third place.2006-07 season, Wang Zhizhi returned, the team strength increased.Bayi defeated Guangdong Hongyuan in the final to win the CBA championship for the eighth time and the last time.The Bayi team has won eight CBA championships, with Adjiang playing in all of them.From 1995 to the 1999 season, he won five consecutive championships as a player and teammate.He won the cup once as assistant coach in 2000 and twice as head coach in 2002 and 2006.At that time, He was also the assistant coach of the national team.Because of the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, The Chinese men’s basketball team directly obtained the quota.In 2007, The Chinese national Basketball Team sent a young team to the Asian Championship in Japan. Adjiang was the head coach of the team, but the team was obviously not strong enough and only got the 10th place.Back to CBA, the team’s performance is getting worse and worse due to the higher and higher level of foreign aid, the retirement of the old players of bayi Team and the policy of not introducing foreign aid.Since the 2007-08 season, they have barely made the playoffs, but have never advanced past the first round.Until the 2011-12 season, Bayi never made the playoffs again and finished last in the regular season.Adjiang and Bayi are struggling ahead.Over the years, He has been a more elegant coach, rarely seen Shouting on the sidelines, but when he does get angry, he is not polite, sometimes slamming the board and pointing at the referee.Adjiang has been the head coach of the Bayi Team for 17 consecutive years, which has always been controversial.After winning the championship in the 2006-07 season, there are no outstanding results, which is the result of many reasons, and it can not erase the contribution of Adijiang to the Bayi Team.In December 2018, after a lapse of 17 years, Adijiang joined Xinjiang Men’s Basketball team again and became the head coach of Xinjiang Men’s basketball Team.It was the best choice for him to return to his hometown team and return to his roots.His son Arslan also came to Xinjiang men’s basketball team after the dissolution of the Bayi Team.In recent years, some players have transferred to his team and Zhou Qi left, making the team’s strength greatly reduced and the results are not ideal. I hope That Ah coach can lead Xinjiang men’s basketball team out of the trough and create more brilliance for Xinjiang and China’s basketball.Flick your fingers and recall the basketball journey of the older generation of Chinese basketball players.Thank you for reading and hope to get your likes and attention.