We must hold on to our year-end bonus

2022-07-13 0 By

Has your year-end bonus arrived in your account after the Chinese New Year?How many red envelopes have you received?We must hold on to our hard-won year-end bonus!Don’t “work so hard for a whole year, one night back before liberation” this 9 routines to be careful!123456789 police remind 1. All brush orders are fraud!Don’t fall for the “get rich quick” rewards.2. Be careful when making friends online.3. Do not easily click unfamiliar links, do not download unknown APPS, do not believe the QQ group, wechat group in the so-called “recommend master”.4. Be vigilant and don’t get fooled: Ask questions and think calmly.Talk at random, financial disclosure on guangdong against fraud center co-productions series raise | zora Scratch | liu xiang (intern relocates Li Kailin) design | liu xiang (interns ZhanHuiNan) technical guidance 丨 guangdong strong anti cheat center school | trial yan Hu Xiaoling