The owner was quarantined, the supermarket was left unattended, and the surveillance footage was shocking

2022-07-13 0 By

Hangzhou Daily integrated Xinhua Daily news: “the name of our supermarket is zhongyuan, which is really tied to the fate of everyone.”In baoshan district of Shanghai Yang Xing town a collection of production and living in one of the park there is a small supermarket named “the edge” life the first few rows of shelves 60 much square metre, snacks department, oil, flour food more common but a mom-and-pop stores because of a “boss quarantined at home, shops open the vending” short video shop receive much attention on the 26th,Supermarket “unmanned” on the first day of epidemic prevention staff to help them in turn to open the door, lights and cashier machine foreground woman and her husband had been sitting at home watching the phone monitoring images and “remote service”, many people was first “pause” of the park’s customers quickly adapted to the new mode of the small supermarket “boss, where is the dry noodles?””How does this machine work?””Where should the payment code be directed?”…The “unsold” business is even better than usual by 20%. No one can live as an island. A small supermarket shows the close relationship between need and need and the unbreakable trust and trust