The effect and effect of Apocynum tea how to bubble apocynum tea effect is good

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Apocypha is a kind of health care product with medicinal value. It is widely used in daily life. It has the effects of helping to lower blood pressure, lowering blood lipids and improving sleep quality.Because it has the effect of increasing coronary artery flow, to hypertension, high blood fat and dizziness, insomnia symptoms, have good improvement effect.At the same time, it can enhance the body immunity, prevent colds, relieve asthma and cough, eliminate depression, promote blood circulation, cure alcohol and protect liver, alleviate alcohol poisoning or soften blood vessels, as well as the effect of constipation and diuresis.Here is a small series to see the efficacy and role of Apocypha tea, apocypha tea how to make a good effect!01 Apocynum tea efficacy and role 1 diuretic Apocynum has a good diuretic effect apocynum leaf extract has a certain degree of diuretic effect, if there is edema, urination adverse patients, can be single tea taking, can also be used with plantain seeds, mutong, poring, Alisma diarrhea.2. Regulating blood pressure blood lipids apocypha has the effect of balancing blood pressure apocypha tea contains rutin, can maintain or restore the normal resistance of capillaries, can reduce serum cholesterol, prevent fat deposition in the blood vessel wall.Tannic acid in tea can inhibit the rise of blood pressure and lower the blood pressure of hypertensive patients.3. antioxidant apocypha has anti-aging, beauty effect apocypha contains flavonoids, has a strong antioxidant effect, but also contains its amount of vitamin C and vitamin E, also has a strong antioxidant effect, so it can delay aging, beauty.Apocynum tea contains a large number of amino acids, organic acids and other nutrients, which can promote the biosynthesis of gastric acid, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, so it has the effect of digestion, spleen and stomach.It has certain effect on dyspepsia, gastritis, enteritis and constipation.02 apocynum tea how bubble effect good 1. Apocynum tea brewing method apply adequate amount of xinjiang apocynum tea into the cup with boiling water is drinkable, note must be brewed in boiling water, because of the xinjiang apocynum wasteland, growth environment is lop nur were systematically stud Ed and drought, heat, the earth’s surface at high temperature can reach 80 ℃, in hot dry summer,The leaves of Apocynum flax in Xinjiang did not wither, nor did they wither.The leaves of Apocynum venetum grown in this harsh natural environment have a tight epidermal structure.Although scientific processing has been carried out in the process of making tea, it is still unable to make the effective ingredients in boiling water well precipitation.Therefore, Xinjiang apocynum ma tea is very resistant to brewing. It can be breached 3-5 times, and then replaced with new tea after being colorless and tasteless, so as not to cause unnecessary waste.2. Take xinjiang apocalba tea 15-20 grams into the stew container, add 500-600ml water, stew for about 10 minutes, open and put in the container, then add 300-400ml water and fry for 3-5 minutes, open and pour the container, add 300-400ml water and cook once more.Boil the three teas together in a thermos cup and drink them frequently.Drinking a strong drink before bed each night can help improve sleep.During the day, if you feel too thick, you can drink it with water, mineral water or ice cubes.