Olympic trams are seen on the streets of St. Petersburg to celebrate the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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The “Olympic tram” reappears in St. Petersburg.St Petersburg, February 5 (TST Petersburg) Moscow, February 4, local time 9:45, a painstakingly painted, decorated with the Logo of the Beijing Winter Olympics “Olympic tram” appeared in the streets of St Petersburg.St Petersburg unveiled the “Olympic tram” at the start of the 2004 Athens Games, according to Anton Shandle, head of the city’s sports committee.Since then, it has become a tradition and similar events have been held during the Olympic Games.The “Olympic tram” set off from st. Petersburg’s 50 Garden Street, the former headquarters of the Royal Water Rescue Association and the site of the Russian Olympic Committee, which was founded in 1911.The tram passes through the main attractions of st. Petersburg and finally reaches the famous Peter and Paul Fortress.On “Olympic trolley” passengers said, although the new crown outbreak still linger, but the emergence of “train” of the Olympic Games, to remind them of the st Petersburg – all four years of the most important winter sports events winter Olympics will kick off around the world, it is time to turn on the television to watch and the Russian winter excellent performance of the athletes.The symbols of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics are on the “Olympic tram”.Petersburg, the city’s deputy mayor on the same day in his “Telegram” account posted dynamic said, “traditional”;”Olympic Tram”.They took to the streets of St Petersburg this morning in support of Russia’s Olympic athletes ahead of the start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.Russia is recognized as a world power in ice and snow sports. With traditional advantages in ice hockey, figure skating, free skiing, cross-country skiing and other sports, Russian athletes have performed well in all previous Winter Olympics.In the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia won 33 MEDALS, 13 gold, 11 silver and 9 bronze, and topped both the gold and medal tables.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Russian athletes will continue to compete in these traditionally strong sports for gold and MEDALS.”Ice Dwen Dwen” and “Snow Rong Rong” on the “Olympic Tram”.Petersburg residents smile as they ride the Olympic tram in St. Petersburg.(Photo source: St Petersburg electric Transport Complex) Source: China Youth Daily client