Nanpo Village, Mizan Town: The strong Smell of New Year in fireworks

2022-07-12 0 By

As the Spring Festival approaches, The Nanpo Village of Mizan Town deeply excavates the traditional cultural connotation of the Spring Festival and launches the Nanpo Cultural theme activity of “Writing Spring Festival couplets in the New Year, greeting the Spring Festival and steaming steamed bun”, so that the thick Spring Festival flavor “floats” in every corner of the village.In the compound of nanpo Village Committee of Mizhan town, steamed bun craftsmen and villagers are busy kneading dough, pinching flowers and making huamo shape.A pair of small scissors, a chopstick, plus a pair of skilled hands, laughing and chatting, a common dough will become vivid, different shapes of art.”This year, I steamed a tiger. I wish you all the best and good health.”Hua mo artisans into more than years holding just steamed good hua mo, happily said.Pinched steamed buns into a steamer, steaming fog, soon, diverse shapes of steamed buns will be fresh.Small huamo, sustenance of the local feelings of nanpo people, carrying the cultural customs of Nanpo people.Mishan town nanpo village villagers Xia Hongmei told reporters, “to the last month, every household steamed huamo, steamed jujube mountain, pig, sheep, population steamed, said every household bustling, thriving, means thriving, better than a year.”On the other side, activities to write Spring Festival couplets are also in full swing.Enthusiastic old calligrapher and calligraphy lovers wrote Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character “Fu”, sending cultural gifts full of the flavor of the New Year to the masses.Shanxi calligrapher’s association member, the city elderly calligraphy and painting research consultant Zhu Festival told reporters about the development of Spring Festival couplets, “the first recorded couplets called ‘Liu Ying spring test horse, tiger account night talk soldier’.Until the Northern Song Dynasty, the writing of couplets became common throughout the country.This is a very good traditional custom of the Chinese nation and a cultural symbol of our country.”Li Shenggui, a member of shanxi Arts and crafts Association and consultant of the city elderly calligraphy and painting Research Association, was also very happy. “It is a very happy thing to write couplets here today, which not only exercises the interest of calligraphy, but also edify the sentiment.”Calligraphy enthusiast Duan Haixiang expressed his blessing through the lens, “By writing Spring Festival couplets, we send our best wishes to the masses, express our vision and love for a better life, and wish our great motherland prosperity.”Activities, the south Po village party branch secretary Niuqi and the staff also steamed steamed steamed buns and written Spring Festival couplets to the villagers’ homes outside the local New Year, so that they can feel the festive atmosphere of the upcoming Spring Festival in a foreign land.”Steamed” auspicious, write blessings, this is the memory of the Lunar New Year, is also the Flavor of the Southern slope.As the organizer and planner of the event, such a taste of the New Year, less than five months on the office for Niuqi, is particularly unique.Niu Qi said, “We steam steamed buns and write Spring Festival couplets together, hoping that every year can be as lively as this year, so that the flavor of the South Slope of the New Year is getting stronger and stronger, also hope that the flavor of the South Slope can continue year after year.”(Li Qian li Lulu)