Hot!!!!Wuma Street on the fifth day of the first lunar month

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The first sunny day since the first lunar month, wuma Street people mountain sea!Since the New Year, the downtown of Wenzhou has been shrouded by rainy weather and no sunshine.On the fifth day of the first lunar month, which is also the day for Chinese people to “welcome the God of wealth”, the long rainy weather finally turned better and the long-lost sun appeared.In this festival time, many citizens and their families have chosen to play in Wenzhou Wuma Street, enjoying a rare happy time.On February 5, the fifth day of the first lunar month, Wuma Street is crowded with people.The long-lost sunny day comes, the citizens with relatives and friends, wearing colorful beautiful clothes walking in the Street, the street surging with a jubilant atmosphere, will be the boring haze mood in previous years swept away, let a person involuntarily bloom smile.The tide of people will also be around the wuma Street of all kinds of businesses and shops blocked, wuma Street businesses are doing a brisk business.Among them, especially to all kinds of snack bar business is the most lively, such as women’s street “night steamed stuffed bun”, “Wu Ji Chestnut”, roast pig’s feet and other snack bars are lined up in front of the long queue, citizens wearing masks waiting patiently.”Even though there are queues for snacks now, the atmosphere is very lively and everyone is willing to wait!”Citizens said.In order to celebrate the Spring Festival, Wuma Street in the middle of the road is also specially decorated with folk lanterns and other small objects.Above placed many symbols of good luck and harvest of fish and birds and other ornaments, festive but also very lively and lovely, attracted a lot of children stop to watch.In addition to small ornaments, there are dragon lanterns, taiping lanterns and other folk customs.There are not only gilded palaces, but also exquisite and lifelike gods and heroes, which are of special interest. In the flourishing fire, they convey the good wishes of the New Year and add a thick flavor to the arrival of the New Year.I believe that under the warm sun to welcome, this year’s New Year will be full, warm and warm.As the Spring Festival holiday draws to a close, you can also take this opportunity to spend more time with your family, go out and enjoy the day of family reunion under the premise of epidemic prevention and control.