Acacia bean story

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Red bean born south, spring to hair a few branches.May you gather song song, the most acacia.This is a poem called Lovesickness by Wang Wei, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty.Red bean is acacia bean, grown in the southern provinces of China.Bright color, dazzling, family gifts, send meaning acacia.Today, I tell the story of the joys and sorrows of a couple of lovers for several decades, so I want to start from this love to tell each other.A late autumn night in 1949, which is xiamen, on the eve of liberation, in xiamen university near the campus of the sea, has a pair of young men and women strolling in the moonlight, walking and talking, and finally, by the two men came to the seawall under an acacia tree, the man from a branch six jequirity, carefully into the woman’s hand;The female see acacia bean, can’t help to rush to the man’s chest, cried.It’s really hard to break up, words did not export tears.So who are these two people?Why did they split up?It’s a long story.The man’s name is Chen Yimin, and the woman’s name is Wu Xinghua.The two are from the same village, the same age, since childhood has been classmates.Childhood sweethearts, made for each other.However, her father was a Major in the Kuomintang navy, so he firmly opposed the marriage.However xing Hua disregards the pressure of father, fall in her mother’s acquiescence, resolutely marry with Chen Yameen, and already conceived in October now, be about to give birth.At this time, our troops marched southward and approached Xiamen.Because wu Xinghua’s father wants to flee with the army, be determined to take this only daughter to Taiwan, so that take the opportunity to cut off the daughter and Chen Yimin’s husband and wife.Xinghua, her heart is also very contradictory, go to Taiwan with parents, he has been pregnant full term, soon to give birth to a child, how bear to leave her husband?If stay in a min side, she did not want to leave the kind of mother.Besides, he was still in college, so who would take care of the baby?So she consulted her husband beforehand.Yi Min of course wants his wife to stay and welcome liberation together.But the idea of a child coming and being a poor student with no place to live was a little difficult.Besides, at this time Chen Yimin has been day and night to meet the liberation of the busy activities, how can be distracted to take care of his wife and children?After much consideration, he agreed that Xinghua would go to Taiwan with her parents.Tonight husband and wife on this campus to say goodbye.Now, a min see Xinghua took the six acacia beans, crying so sad, comfort her said: “Xinghua, don’t cry, after the liberation of Xiamen, the People’s Liberation Army will cross the sea to fight, anyway, soon, Taiwan will be liberated, you and your children in Taiwan to meet me.When the country is liberated, we can live together and do our favorite literary work and research, don’t you think?”Xinghua after he said so, the in the mind finally a little relieved.She leaned close to the husband and said softly, “Ten days from now, our baby will be born. By that time, your father will be far away in the mainland, and we don’t know whether he is a boy or a girl…Seeing his wife’s mood improving, Yi Min answered happily: “Xinghua, I believe it must be a daughter, and looks exactly like her mother. Do you like it?”The wife felt a sweet feeling in her heart and asked her husband with a smile, “Yimin, what is the name of the baby when it is born?”One min thought for a while and said, “How about a small star?The stars of the stars in the sky.I think even though we were separated by the sea, we could see our stars every night….”Xing Hua listened to, satisfaction nodded, and then looked at six red acacia beans, and deep feeling to talk about the couple is really say inveterate words, do not accept parting feelings.Late at night, the couple left the campus and walked out of the school gate, cool from the sea breeze.A min said goodbye to his wife, the middle of the night before returning to school.Since then, we have not seen each other for months or years, but for twenty-five years.With Taiwan unable to return to the motherland, Chen and Wu live apart on opposite sides of the Taiwan Strait, staring at the stars in the sky.Besides, after The liberation of Xiamen, the Party sent Chen Yimin to work in Xiamen Daily.As a journalist, he had the opportunity to penetrate all aspects of society, and he enthusiastically wrote not only inspiring news reports, but also vivid and moving reportage and short stories.His first collection of short stories, The Vita Nuova, in 1956;After its publication in Shanghai;Chen Yimin, a young writer and party member, has gained a good reputation both inside and outside the province.While he immersed himself in writing and lived a lonely life, he also missed his relatives in Taiwan all the time.In spring, he lingered under the acacia trees by the sea, looking forward to the return of his loved ones;In summer, he walks on the beach, holding the tide to carry the message of missing;In autumn, he climbed onto the Sunlight Rock of Gulangyu And stood on the same water platform as Zheng Chenggong once stood. He stared eastward to look for the shadow of the sunshine Island through the foggy sea.In winter, he flips through rare Hong Kong newspapers under a lamp, searching between the lines for news about his relatives.But spring came and fall came, year after year, and nothing came of it.This is: when will we produce the channel, when relatives can return, until the spring of 1957, an old friend returned from a trip to the Hong Kong and Macao, specially brought him a Hong Kong newspaper, a precious open on see, immediately attracted by an article from Taiwan’s telecommunications, I saw the headline: “lieutenant commander died with hatred, old daughter cornered”.When Chen Yimin read the long news report in one breath, she burst into tears!Xing Xing was born seven days after she arrived in Keelung, Taiwan province, with her parents. She was actually a girl.The first few years;As the father was a major in the Navy, life was certainly infinitely better than that of the ordinary suffering people.Later, because xinghua’s father has a subordinate, in a xinghua’s father sent him to jinmen to perform a mission, the opportunity to drive a speedboat, resolutely returned to the mainland, to the light.After the incident, xinghua’s father was falsely accused of leading the defection on the grounds that his son-in-law was also in the mainland.Therefore, the boss will xinghua’s father demoted to civilian.In this way, the family of four, helpless, desolate.One day, some of my father’s colleagues came to visit him. In a casual conversation, they pointed out a way for the retired major to survive. They said, “Only if your daughter goes to serve in the army can you….”Hearing this, the old father understood that the so-called military service is to enter a brothel. He was immediately furious with three zhang: “We would rather starve to death than push Xinghua into the pit of fire. Get out of here!Roll out!”After the guests left in bad spirits, Xinghua’s father said to his daughter in tears: “Xinghua, IT is I who have caused you pain. I really shouldn’t have separated you from your husband and wife at that time.”Not long after, the old man became ill and died of resentment.From then on, the burden of life fell on Xing Hua’s shoulders.But in the society of that fickleness of the world, a weak woman like Xinghua, outlet in the end where….Since seeing this report, Chen Yimin is no taste food, sleepless night.Every time he was alone, as long as he closed his eyes, there would be a tragic scene of Xinghua and her daughter struggling to die.Many times he dreamed of his wife holding the six bright red acacia beans, is affectionately telling his daughter xiao Xing everything about his father.And more is his dream of Taiwan has returned to the motherland, the reunion of the happy scene…..In the end, he wrote this deep yearning for his loved ones into a moving essay titled “Love Beans”, which is deeply immersed in the feelings of mainland people missing their relatives in Taiwan.To my surprise, after this essay was published, comrade Jiang Xing, a deputy minister of the propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, named this essay at an enlarged meeting of the Provincial Federation of Literary and art. He said very seriously, “I am an amateur in literature and art, and I don’t know what prose is.But I understand politics, and literature should serve politics.For what class is this essay “Lovesickness bean” serving?Whom do you miss?Lovesickness Taiwan, is not miss kuomintang reactionaries, miss Chiang Kai-shek?!This is not a political standpoint, class feelings….Chen yimin, of course, refused to accept this, so later, when he was helping the leadership of the rectification, he suggested to Comrade Jiang Xing, “He does not understand literature and art, and arbitrarily slandering others.”This became a bigger problem, and Chen became the focus of the anti-rightist movement.Since then, he has been expelled from the Communist Party and sent to work as a Chinese teacher in a middle school in Putian County.The sudden blow made Chen Yimin turn.He thought impassable, why missing living in Taiwan in the plight of relatives will be guilty?Why is it a crime to give advice to your boss?But who could answer his questions?From then on;Of course, he stopped writing literature;The yearning for his wife and children can only be deeply buried in the bottom of my heart, always low calm head, thousands of things in his share.As he taught seriously and responsibly, he soon won the trust and care of zhou Xiao, the headmistress of the middle school.Principal Zhou is a fifties old teacher, very political literacy, she according to The reality of Chen Yimin performance, at the end of 1958, reported to the superior approval, removed Chen Yimin’s rightist hat.However, the invisible label of “taking off one’s hat as a rightist” has made Chen still unable to lift his head and stand back politically.He simply worked hard to forget his mental anguish and the memory of his family.As a result of working day and night, Chen yimin developed a severe stomach ulcer.Principal Zhou personally sent him to the county people’s hospital.As he walked in the hospital gardens, he would see a little girl playing alone there every afternoon.Chen Yimin looked at the girl and thought of his little star: his daughter should be so big!He could not help approaching the girl and asked her kindly, “Little sister, how old are you?”Not afraid of strangers, the little girl replied, “TEN years old. I was born shortly after liberation. I am just ten years old this year.””What’s your name?””My name is Xiao Xin!””Little star?!”Chen Yimin almost exclaim, “you also call small star, is the star of the stars in the sky?”The little girl corrected her carefully and said, “No, it’s the new and the old. My mother said that only with the new China can I have mine, so it’s called xiao Xin.””Oh, small new, good, this name is good.”Chen yimin liked the little girl even more.”Why do you often play alone here?” he asked.Mom and dad work in a hospital?””I don’t have a father.Mum is a cleaner at the hospital: I come here as soon as SCHOOL is over to wait for mum to come home with me.””Ah!A child without a father.”Chen Yimin deeply sympathized with him, and he naturally remembered his own little star: she in Taiwan is not no father?Thinking of this, tears welled up in his eyes, he held her in his arms, how he wanted to pour all his father’s love to her.From then on, a min through the child and met her mother Yang Lanzhen.This is an honest man of about thirty.An industrious woman.He has beautiful features and treats people differently.But she was illiterate and not good at conversing with people.She saw teacher Chen to his daughter so close, but also every day to help the new homework, heart very grateful.Therefore, she as a job, of course, also a bit of “meaning, like family care, taking care of Chen Yimin’s life.In a casual conversation the two men poured out their stories.When I heard that Yimin’s wife and children were in Taiwan, I felt even more sympathy.Originally Yang Lanzhen is Taiwan bend province person originally, because cannot maintain life in Taiwan, come to mainland to make a living with her husband before liberation, 5 O years husband dies of illness unfortunately, leave orphan widow depend on each other.Therefore, a min in front of the mother and daughter are particularly concerned about.In this way, to one min after the discharge, the two families almost like relatives, you come and go, the feelings are deeper and deeper.After the warm-hearted Principal Zhou discovered their close relationship, he advised them to merge the two families into one.But Yi Min shook his head.Because he could not emotionally abandon his wife and daughter in Taiwan.Although, more than 10 years have passed, but the heart of this lovesickness, cut constantly, the reason is disorderly.The pain in his heart was intense.When the old headmaster understand his pain, also no longer reluctantly advised him and Yang Lanzhen union.# Story ## Headlines #