Respect your parents, respect your elders, talk about the importance of “appropriate aging” intelligence

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As the saying goes: a year’s plan begins in spring.The start of spring, which falls on February 4, marks the start of the Winter Olympics.When we look at the lively scene around us, do we pay attention to the living conditions of the old people at home?China’s total fertility rate has fallen below the warning line and the birth rate has been on the decline in recent years, media reported.With the decline of fertility rate, the “aging” issue is once again our concern, we also take “suitable aging” as a new hot topic.Because we know in our hearts that the problems our parents have to deal with today are also the problems we will have to deal with in our old age.”Suitable for aging” refers to making various designs and changes according to the physical functions and action characteristics of the elderly to provide convenience in life, medical treatment and travel for those who have entered or will enter the elderly life in the future, so that they can have more happiness.Taking advantage of what we call life often include, to provide for “convenience”, the current development of science and technology can speed up, make the information into our daily life gradually, but now due to technical development too fast, a lot of old people to accept new things speed as well as young people, most of the time, or to have perspective to observe the things around,Use past experience to deal with life’s trivia.Clothes: Everyone has a love of beauty, even the elderly are also interested in the purchase of clothes, but the clothes of the elderly are also special, many elderly people do not simply care about the quality and price of clothes, but also care about the style and color of clothes.However, at present, there are not many clothing brands designed for the characteristics of the elderly, and with the aging of the elderly, they may appear hunchback, walking inconvenience, so when designing clothes for the elderly, they need to consider not only comfort and health, but also convenient toilet, convenient cleaning care.Suggestions can according to the characteristics of elderly people of all ages to design the corresponding legal APP or small programs, or the use of advanced VR trial experience, with the help of the young people, help the elderly to upload size, age, weight, gender, and other data, to tailor the right design for its, and then recommend nearby brand stores or online merchants,Connect online and offline closely to achieve maximum value.Food: We often say that food is the most important thing for people.Food for the old is not the same as food for the young.We can make plans according to the physical conditions, metabolic characteristics, climate and regional differences of the elderly, especially should emphasize light diet, while paying attention to the adjustment of dietary collocation and taste.Because many old people body is no longer as strong as a young man’s body, and may have a basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and osteoporosis, lumbar disc, etc., plus the cooking of the lampblack is harmful to the old people’s health, it is no longer suitable for buy vegetables, washing dishes, chopping vegetables, cooking, cooking, washing dishes, such as operation, in order to reduce the burden of children,Through the intelligent butler according to the taste and physical characteristics of the elderly, every day according to different diet allocation set procedures, to realize the intelligent buying vegetables to fry vegetables, rather than simply automatic.Finally, after cleaning up the dishes, the intelligent butler directs the dishwasher to wash and disinfect the dishes.Live: a lot of people struggle for a lifetime, mainly in order to have a happy home, have a home to have a root, rather than like duckweed floating in the society.When old people finally no longer get up early and return late for the job, also need not be busy about for children life, the biggest desire after retirement wants to enjoy old age peacefully namely, this time, the place that suits is to give old person heart the greatest comfort.However, good residence characteristic is not hollowness or luxurious, because old people action is inconvenient, physical strength is limited, need in the home has appropriate help to rely on so (furniture or metope), additional ground ceramic tile (especially toilet) and family expense slipper also should add prevent slippery design.At the same time, intelligent robots can also carry out some simple household operations, such as mopping the floor, sweeping the floor.It is worth mentioning that good intelligent auxiliary equipment is also very important, because different intelligent assistive devices can better meet the demand of according to the old man lives, and in a timely manner to deal with the old man suddenly fainted and fell down in the home of emergency, as well as the body of the daily monitoring old man (blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, breathing, etc.), to facilitate intelligent housekeeper proper medical care.Line: attention to the elderly, not only stay in clothing, food and living on these aspects, also have a lot of change, good at such as the current attractions App developed a “model” elders, optimize the interface and increase the font, and network about car also open helpage pattern, increase the font size be amplified, button to be amplified, speech function.These changes are convenient for the elderly to travel, but also warm their hearts.However, due to health reasons, there are still many elderly people in front of the TV all day, but dare not leave the house.Although many elderly people do not want to be locked up at home, they want to go out to see the outside world and see the world change, but unfortunately cannot help it.At this time, for poor physical fitness, not suitable for the elderly in the outdoor for a long time, can let them experience the immersive VR system, so that they can feel the happiness of outdoor tourism in the case of staying indoors;And for the healthy (no basic disease), simply because of the leg and foot inconvenience of the elderly people, can be accompanied by young people with intelligent AIDS to complete outdoor travel, so as to achieve physical and mental relaxation.In addition, mobile phones are also very important for the elderly, because they can not only communicate with the outside world through mobile phones, but also serve as an important hub for them to maintain family ties.For example, during the epidemic, many young and middle-aged people cannot go home in time for the Spring Festival because they are working in other places. In this case, they can accompany the elderly through wechat, QQ video or VR experience system.However, according to various changes in recent fraud cases, in addition to the current big characters of the elderly machine, voice broadcast is conducive to the life of the elderly, it is suggested to increase some programs or software Settings about preventing fraud and losing the elderly.Finally, I hope that with the progress of technology, all kinds of future intelligent means can really help the elderly, to achieve the meaning of appropriate aging: let the elderly people feel filial piety of children, feel old people have a place to rest, feel safe and happy.This is truly integrated into our daily necessities, truly solve our long-standing problems, but also let us feel more at ease to engage in their work.This article is originally written by Dr. Luo. The author is a member of The Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, a member of the Health communication Working Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and a health science popularization writer. Welcome everyone to forward, comment, like, or communicate with me in a private letter.Chief Recommendation Officer of Wisdom for the Aged ## Protect the silver age world ## Healthy Big Year # (medical card has been added here, please check it on toutiao client)