A 1958 cartoon in the People’s Daily satirized The United States

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A set of People’s Daily cartoons from August 1958, which were highly satirical and sarcastic towards the United States.Eisenhower: “I must emphasize again that the United States has always sought to act within the spirit of the United Nations Charter.”Hua Junwu (People’s Daily, August 18, 1958) symbolic and strategic actions, Abramov (originally published in Pravda of the Soviet Union, People’s Daily, August 18, 1958) wrong dress, Hua Junwu (People’s Daily, August 23, 1958)Wu Yunzuo (People’s Daily, August 23, 1958) was blind, And Hua Jun Wuzuo (People’s Daily, August 23, 1958) was good news for mankind, zhong Lingzuo (People’s Daily, August 23, 1958) Eisenhower: “We, the United States, have always acted within the charter of the United Nations.”Luo Yuanming (August 24, 1958, “People’s Daily”) “rest” posture, Hua Junwu (August 24, 1958, “People’s Daily”) gentleman, Hua Junwu (August 27, 1958, “People’s Daily”) “Dear, when can you pick off these stars?”(People’s Daily, August 28, 1958)” Mr. Dulles, how can you go to Mars without knowing this constellation on Earth?”(People’s Daily, August 28, 1958) Can’t stop, Zhong Lingzuo (People’s Daily, August 28, 1958) The United Nations zombie (originally published in Soviet Russia newspaper, People’s Daily, August 28, 1958) such cartoons, is there still?