The balcony is too small husband insists to change study, see him to add stage on French window, too easy to use

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The house that buys originally is small, decorate when he still insist to want to add a study more, I also did not have redundant room to vacate in the home to do a study to him ah, did not agree, result husband says he has method, add a circle stage to go in the balcony!Can balcony is French window how to do stage?In my impression, balcony exterior wall is half wall half window, such stage can build by laying bricks or stones directly on the windowsill of solid wall!↓↓↓ But how to install a balcony with French Windows up and down?The result sees the effect that completes, project manager all say to think of, really is the balcony presses dry to 1 square meters also do not remain!What are the techniques used?☆ Skill one: Borrow the window frame between the upper and lower Windows. The French window of my balcony is more conventional lower window sealing, and the upper window is the style of ventilation and lighting.Just use the window frame between the upper and lower Windows, directly install the bar shelf in the middle, do not need to start work on the glass, suspended bar design does not affect lighting, now more and more people are so installed!PS: To ensure the bearing of stage, the proposal will stage shelf outspread to balcony two side metope, try to fix.☆ Skill two: before borrowing the bar legs, one is suspended design, using window frames and walls to fix the bar, this one is also close to the French Windows and walls, but increase a number of bar legs under the bar, fixed bar, a number of evenly distributed bar legs installation will not affect the lighting of the French Windows.☆ Tip 3: Use the wall and bar legs (a small program has been added here, please check it on toutiao client) to extend the bar surface to the wall and form an L-shaped bar with the bar leg as a countertop support.Which way of setting up the bar is more practical?It depends on the needs of each individual.○ The bar is installed directly on the window frame, suspended without the bar leg, the balcony overall beauty is stronger, but a little trouble when installing.○ Borrow table leg, do not damage the wall, window frame, simple and convenient installation bearing force is stronger, but also suitable for the whole French window balcony, but how much will appear cumbersome table leg.○ The last one, L-shaped bar design, strong sense of shape, French Windows, upper and lower Windows are applicable, saving land.In general, these 3 in the balcony French Windows add bar decoration skills are very practical, but also to solve my husband to increase his exclusive office area demand.And no matter the balcony in the home is half wall half window or fluctuation window, whole type French window, can add a small stage!Of course, in addition to the office study can still serve as breakfast area, recreational area, read a book to drink coffee, we can refer to when decorating!Qijia small clever provide more decoration information, like my friends remember to collect and pay attention to oh!(Material from the network, can not verify the real source, if there is infringement, please contact Qijia xiaobian to delete directly.Thank you very much!)