Old hekou police launched legal activities into the campus

2022-07-10 0 By

Of chaste tree hunan (hubei daily network) – (correspondent HongMiao George lee) to deepen the safe campus construction, strengthen the youth awareness and promote teenager self-protection ability, on April 6, sheet sets laohekou public security bureau police station joint anti-drug brigade into the sheet sets middle school held a lively and interesting legal publicity and education activities.Combined with real cases around, the activities, the police, in case he prize correct way, from the “campus violence”, “cyber crime”, “traffic safety” and “stay away from drugs” four aspects, vividly explained the relevant legal knowledge, teach students encounter bullying should seek help from teachers and parents in time how to protect themselves, how to call the police, is in danger, etc.At the same time, combined with the drug model and propaganda board, teach everyone to identify drugs, drugs, so as to stay away from drugs.Through this activity, further enhance the majority of teachers and students legal concept and self-protection consciousness, close the relationship between the police and the people, for the construction of a harmonious campus laid a good foundation.