Jian, a riverside garden city with beautiful scenery, is worth a visit!

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Located in the middle of ganjiang River, Ji ‘an is a rising riverside garden city with green mountains and clear waters.The environment here is beautiful and pleasant, known as “Jiangnan Wangjun”, “Jin Luling” reputation.Jinggang Mountain jinggang Mountain is located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, in the middle of the Luoxiao Mountains at the junction of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. In ancient times, it was known as “the border between Hunan and Jiangxi, and the belly of Luo Xiao for thousands of miles”.Here thousands of peaks compete for show, thousands of ravines contend for flow, vast forest sea, waterfalls liuquan, rong male, risk, secluded, strange, beautiful as one, peaks, rocks, waterfalls, caves, hot springs, rare animals and plants, alpine pastoral scenery everything.Ji ‘an of Chinese Jinshi Cultural Park was known as Luling in ancient times, which bred the splendid Luling culture, and Jishui is the core area of Luling culture.Ji ‘an Chinese Jinshi Cultural Park is located in the south of Jishui county nanmen Island, is a classical garden with jinshi culture as the theme.Here both the magnificent imperial garden, the corridor attic, lofty lofty;And jiangnan garden gentle and elegant, picturesque, winding, just like the sky open, lifelike.Luling Cultural Ecological Park is located in the northern end of ji ‘an’s central city, and is a city park worth visiting.The ecological park takes Luling culture as the main line, and there are some related cultural landscapes built later.There are many precious trees transplanted so far in the scenic area, there are mountains and rivers, and the ecological scenery is also very good, suitable for leisure walk.Yanfang Ancient Village is located in Yanfang ancient village, Jintan Town, Jishui County, Jiangxi Province. It is a historical and cultural village with well-preserved architectural complexes in Ming and Qing Dynasties.Yanfang ancient village streets rise and fall, winding, housing row upon row, strewn at random.Residential buildings are mostly one-story brick and wood houses.Local residential buildings with surnames form their own courtyards, forming a number of architectural communities surrounding the courtyards, and the courtyards form the general pattern of the village.Diaoyuan ancient village is about ten kilometers west of Ji ‘an city in jiangxi Province. It is an ancient village — Diaoyuan, where the descendants of Ouyang Xiu, a writer and politician of the Northern Song Dynasty, live.The magnificent and beautiful fishing source not only has the “taiji chart” which is made for heaven, but also has the “eight diagrams” which is made for heaven.Zhuangshan village, located in the “taiyin”, has a horizontal line of Zhuangmen Mountain in the north, and more than ten ponds connected in a zigzag pattern run through the village according to the low terrain in the east and west. Two mountains and one water form the hexagrams of “Li”, a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness in traditional eight diagrams.The layout of ancient buildings in villages is often shaped by the eight diagrams.