For the Chinese team gold medal they are “family made”!

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The Beijing Olympics, Xu Mengtao after the freestyle skiing women’s air skills final, carrying the national flag to shout out “I finally won at home” moment, fan can be new in the mix with his teammates had short track speed skating relay gold medal after the chokes “I waited for the gold medal for too long” scene, is strong and brave Chinese girl is left to the world.A series of photos went viral on social media on Feb 15, and the family stories of Winter Olympic champions Zhou Yang, Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao touched many people deeply.Three old photos shatter many people’s perception that snow sports are far away from ordinary families, especially snow sports.These three Chinese girls, who did not give up their dreams and went on to the world stage from northeast China, all had a simple wish when they were young — to make their parents’ lives better.”It is these real sufferings that make them more powerful,” one user lamented.”I’ve been waiting for this gold medal for a long time.”Fan Kexin burst into tears during a post-race interview after winning the gold medal in the 2,000-meter mixed short-track relay with Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 5.The girl, who was born in September 1993 in Boli county, Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province, became an Olympic champion from a shoe repair shop and had persevered through three Olympics to win the gold medal.At the end of 2017, When Fan Kexin was preparing for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Tencent Sports interviewed her parents. At that time, Fan’s family already lived in a clean building, but her eyes turned red as she recalled her daughter’s upbringing.”I feel guilty about my child.”Fan’s mother said that when Fan kexin was a child, the family lost money in a business, and suddenly became destitute. In 2000, the family went to the city to go to relatives, from shuanghe town under the jurisdiction of Qitaihe city to qitaihe city.Fan ke’s new mother, a temporary movable board house, a shoe repair stall, became the whole family.The board room is only about 10 square meters, with upper and lower beds.No electricity no water, by other people carry, “eat porridge.”Fan Kexin once supported a shoe stall (photo source: Tencent Sports) “fan Kexin has been sensible since childhood.”Fan’s mother told an unforgettable story. When conditions were poor, she once picked up a dress from a dustbin and took it home to wash it and cut it out for her daughter to wear. The daughter understood the hardship of her parents and did not know how to choose it.On the poor experiences, fan can be new also apparent: “have no what can’t, because the condition is in the home, my brother had give up his studies, joke bottles and paper can all be sold at that time, I everyday when the school has a little way, when played has been picking up to go home, can save to buy o pen or something.”In 2017, photos of her family and fan’s competition hung on the walls of her new home. When she was in primary school, the school called on students to learn special skills, and Fan chose dance, but a week later, she said she didn’t like dancing and refused to take classes.Only later did the boy tell the truth, because there was a fee for the dance class, 200 yuan for tuition and 100 yuan for clothing. At that time, the 300 yuan was two months ‘rent for his family.Fan’s mother listened to the shoe repair customer said that learning sports is good, with how much money, she took Fan Kexin came to the qitaihe city stadium five minutes away from home.The first question Fan asked the coach at the sports school was: “Does it cost money?”Coach Ma Qingzhong let Fan Kexin run three laps, and told her to practice for a few days. If you like, you can learn from me. Don’t worry about tuition, your family can’t afford me.In 2003, Fan Kexin began training for short track speed skating.Fan’s mother looked at her daughter’s health problems when training, very distressed, the family has no money for treatment, once wanted to let the child give up short track speed skating.Coach Ma Qingzhong then paid to arrange the child to live in a hospital, I hope this good seedlings do not give up.Fan kexin is always grateful to those who have helped him.The director of an industrial and commercial office on the street where Fan’s home is located recalled that she got to know the family because Fan’s mother had a business license to run a shoe repair shop.In those days, Fan Kexin and his family rented a room half underground and ate with a tea urn instead of a dining table.Long body time, fan Kexin’s nutrition but some can’t keep up.The team only provides tuition, but skates, sports clothes, etc., need to pay for personal expenses.The director of the industrial and commercial institute went home to discuss with his wife and squeezed 100 yuan out of their limited salary every month to support her. They are now affectionately called “dry father” and “dry mother” by Fan Kexin.In 2017, Fan broke down in tears when she recalled meng Qingyu, another coach who helped her, on CCTV’s Cultural Perspective program.”When I began to practice in 2003, the shoes I wore at that time were quite broken and very cheap. But when I joined Harbin Team, the skates and shoes I used to wear were no longer good. I remember that a pair of skates was 2500 yuan, and MY family had no money to buy them.At that time, Teacher Meng helped me cushion this money, he confiscated a cent, at that time 2500 yuan, may be a year’s living expenses.”Meng Qingyu Fan Kexin has always remembered what Teacher Meng said to her: “You must practice well, and then use their own efforts to change the conditions at home.”And she did.In 2010, Fan kexin was selected to the National team. In October of the same year, fan Kexin made her debut in the senior group of the international short track Speed skating World Cup in Montreal, Canada, and won the gold medal of the women’s 3,000m relay with Zhou Yang, Liu Qiuhong and Zhang Hui.Since then, her achievements have become more and more dazzling, won a lot of world championships, but Fan Kexin most wants, is always a gold medal in the Winter Olympics.Before the Beijing Games, Fan kexin won a silver medal in Sochi and was denied a medal in Pyeongchang because of a penalty.At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the “veteran” realized her dream, winning a gold medal at home and a bronze medal in the women’s 3,000m relay.”Looking back, I clearly remember the experience of skating in Sochi and then in PyeongChang,” Fan posted on his weibo account on February 14. “I have been asking myself and answering the question repeatedly, and today I finally got the answer.”Zhou Yang, one of her senior students, also forwarded the post and wrote: “I’m so happy that you didn’t give up. I’m so proud of you!”In Changchun, Jilin province, Zhou Yang’s lottery station is also short track speed skating. Zhou Yang, an Olympic three-gold medalist, can relate to Fan Kexin’s experience.On February 13, in wang Meng’s live broadcast room, a voice of fan Kexin made Zhou Yang cry. Memories came back to her. In the voice, Xiao Kexin said to his mother: “I want to fight for myself to be the champion, so that you can live a good life.”Zhou Yang (right) said the same thing after winning the gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics: “You can change a lot after you win the gold medal.First of all, it will definitely give me more confidence and make my parents’ life a little better.”Zhou Yang was born in Changchun, Jilin Province, on June 9, 1991. His mother, who had a leg disability, was unemployed at home. She earned some income by knitting sweaters for others, while his father did not have a regular job.At the age of 8, Zhou Yang was selected by the speed skating coach and joined the Changchun city team to receive training. In the first four years, Zhou Yang was an amateur. Zhou’s father picked her up by motorcycle every day, and she got up at 3:00 in the morning.On a heavy snow day, Zhou Yang’s father fell down, but the next day he still sent the girl to training, he also happily told the coach: “I hugged the girl, the girl did not fall.”Later, Zhou Yang left her parents and joined the professional team. She would sometimes cry because of the hard training, “When the training is tired, just think of your parents can survive.”Zhou Yang’s home at the time was a private house built in the 1980s on Satellite Road in Changchun, reported in March 2010.The 50-square-metre home is old except for a LCD TV. There is no decoration, and sofas are worn to reveal sponges. Charts hang on the walls of two rooms, while sports and lucky lottery betting machines are placed at the window facing the street.In the words of Zhou Yang’s father, Zhou Jiwen, “it is both a betting station and a home.”In 2010, a CCTV interview with Zhou’s parents found the Chinese character “liangpi” taped to the window of Zhou’s home.After the professional team got paid, Zhou Yang thought skating could change his family’s low-income situation, xinmin Evening News reported.Sensible she became the youngest team, practice the most bitter players.She vividly remembers the excitement of calling home to send money when she won her first world Junior prize.After being selected to the national team, Zhou Yang grew up rapidly. Seeing the efforts of the coach, the team doctor and the staff, she became more determined to win.At the 2010 Vancouver Games, 18-year-old Zhou Yang became China’s youngest Winter Olympic gold medalist when she won the women’s 1,500-meter short-track speed skating title and the 3,000-meter relay gold with her teammates, and then spent money on renovating her home.In 2014, Zhou Yang continued to shine at the Sochi Winter Olympics, winning the women’s 1,500-meter short track speed skating title. In 2018, zhou went to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and served as the flag bearer for the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony.Along the way, what supported Zhou Yang was not only the dedication of the national team coach, teammates and staff, but also the simple belief from the bottom of his heart: to make his parents’ life better.Zhou Yang is now a member of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation’s athletes’ Commission, and her tenure runs from the 2019 World Championships to the 2023 World Championships.The hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has aroused many people’s interest in ice and snow sports, and the “300 million people on ice and snow” has turned from a vision into reality. But there is also a saying that “ice and snow sports are expensive, especially for snow sports, and families need to support them when they start.”Xu Mengtao, Olympic champion of freestyle skiing aerialists, was from a poor family when she was young. Her wish at that time was to train well and not let her parents endure hardship.Xu Mengtao was born in Anshan, Liaoning Province on July 12, 1990. Her father Xu Xuejun found that his daughter’s legs could easily do a cross fork and her body was very flexible. Xu Mengtao, aged 4, was sent to the gymnastics training class of Anshan Sports School.In 1998, Xu was selected to liaoning Provincial Gymnastics Team.In 2002, Xu mengtao won three gold MEDALS, two silver MEDALS and one bronze medal in the Liaoning Provincial Games.But at the same time, Tao Tao’s height is longer and taller, knee caps are bigger than other gymnasts, and it is no longer physically suitable for gymnastics, so Xu Fu sent his daughter to shenyang Institute of Physical Education and began to practice freestyle skiing aerial skills — an event called “snow gymnastics” by coaches.After winning gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 14, Xu Mengtao tearfully shouted to the camera, “Thank you for your company. I have not been filial to you since I was a child,” liaoshen Evening News reported.But in the heart of Xu Mengtao’s parents, the daughter is the most filial child.According to upstream news, xu’s house is less than 40 square meters.In Anshan Hunan street golden pomegranate supermarket outside the south wall, there used to be a “Lao Xu pork skewer”, which is Xu Mengtao’s father Xu Xuejun used to run the barbecue shop.Relying on more than 20 years of barbecue career, Xu mengtao’s parents supported their daughter’s champion dream.”Her mother and I have no other source of income,” Xu said, according to the report. “We have relied on barbecues to support Xu’s training.Every time Meng Tao comes home, she helps in the shop at night.”The business of the barbecue stall run by The Xu family was not big. At the beginning, it was 50 cents a string, with his father Shouting in front and Xu Mengtao helping to take the string behind. “One day, he only earned 30 or 40 yuan, and he was very happy to earn more than 30 yuan.”According to NetEase Sports, Xu mengtao’s mother would come to pick them up at night. In northeast China, where temperatures often drop at night, Xu would tell her father, “Hang on a little longer. Hang on a little longer and the price might be 20 more.”The happiest time for Xu Mengtao (left) and her father’s family is to put the empty foam boxes on the “reverse riding donkey” in front of the shelf. Xu mengtao’s father rides the bike and the family happily returns home to settle the scores of the day.”Now I feel very miss, every day is very happy,” Xu Mengtao suddenly shed tears, “speaking of this I want to cry, although the conditions of my home is not particularly good, but I feel very happy, I have never not to accompany them to do barbecue because of the poor conditions at home, or because of what champion frame.”After winning a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Xu mengtao returned to Anshan to help her father put on skewers of meat, serve food and greet customers.”She didn’t have the rich childhood that other children had,” Mr. Xu said in a recent interview, tearing up about his daughter. “I told her to be polite and polite in terms of moral character.Be polite to teachers, coaches, friends and teachers;Work hard at your studies.”Recalling his daughter’s injuries and sufferings in training and competition, Xu could not help crying again. “Competitive athletes, it is not easy today.”Now, xu Mengtao, who has competed in four Winter Olympics, has realized her dream at home. “It’s so wonderful to realize my dream,” she wrote on her Weibo account on Feb. 15. “They said I would laugh in my dreams last night, but actually I was up all night, so happy!There are so many people to thank, the country, the coach, my family and friends.You are my most solid backing, I fell again and again after the great power to stand up.”At this Beijing Winter Olympic Games, we have witnessed a group of young athletes born after 2000, who are full of vigor and confidence. We are also happy for the “veterans” who have persevered until the last minute. They have all made unimaginable efforts to realize their dreams.After photos of the three Olympic champion families went viral on Social media on Feb 15, many netizens were deeply touched. One commented that the girls were so awesome and broke the saying that “ice sports have nothing to do with ordinary people” with their own struggles. “It is these real hardships that make people more powerful.Hats off to these medal winners.For the MEDALS, but also for their lives.”Another netizen suggested that whether Olympic champions or athletes we are not familiar with, they wish they could get more attention.Source/ editor/Ma Xinyu