A 30 year old woman wearing a shirt, master this 3 don’t 3 want, stylish and stylish

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With the rotation of the seasons, the temperature will also change, so that people’s clothing needs will also change.So, in the spring, in fact, you can choose to wear a more variety of clothing.It was a shirt that almost no one could refuse.Indeed, the charm of the shirt is very touching, but also very compassionate.No, this spring’s shirts are also inwardly rolled.This issue is aimed at 30 years old women, to remember the following 3 don’t 3 to go, as long as follow, but also can make you look good, taste.Many women like tight clothes, and the same goes for women in their 30s.But tight shirts, for example, can be tricky for a 30-year-old if she chooses them.Tight shirts can be constricting and uncomfortable to wear at 30.Especially the bosom is a few bigger small fat 30 years old woman, if put on too tight shirt, can let a person feel the figure has a few show fat.Not only that, the bust will also make people feel more awkward, and the whole person will appear to have no temperament at all.In fact, 30-year-old women in the shirt selection, but also need to pay more attention to a kind of comfort.So, here’s advice for 30 year old women, also try to wear appropriate loose shirt oh.Generally speaking, a loose-fitting shirt, for example, can not only tolerate some of the imperfections of a 30-year-old woman’s figure, but also make a 30-year-old woman feel more relaxed after wearing it.In addition, it can also make a 30-year-old woman appear very fashionable, but also give a person a particularly good feminine charm.Is also very elegant, and very relaxed, really let a person from the heart on the special love.2: Don’t be white, be cream White Even women in their 30s have to play it safe when choosing the colour of their shirts.Generally speaking, it is recommended that women in their 30s not wear a plain white shirt.Because a plain white shirt always feels a little too cold, and although it looks very elegant and sophisticated, it’s hard to handle.Not only that, like the pure white shirt, if a 30-year-old woman wears it for a long time, it will inevitably make people feel dull, but also a little bit rigid.This kind of dressing effect will make many people have a kind of very speechless idea indeed.But when a 30-year-old wears a cream blouse, the picture is different.For the ivory shirt, it will look soft, and its tone is warm, and can also make people feel very soft and quiet at the same time.For example, if a 30-year-old woman wears a cream blouse, her upper body will look very good.It can not only brighten the skin color of the 30-year-old woman, but also highlight the special spirit of the 30-year-old woman, and it is very durable.In addition, the color of the cream shirt is also very attractive, it is also let everyone feel endless aftertaste yo.Finally, when a 30-year-old woman chooses a shirt fabric, please remember not to be too soft.Generally speaking, about the soft material, including linen fabrics.Such shirts, however, can easily become wrinkled if not carefully worn.In this way, if a 30-year-old woman wears the upper part, she will not appear more stylish, and will feel cheaper.What’s more, the soft material, like this, doesn’t seem to have much texture and will drag down the whole outfit of a 30-year-old woman.Try to think about, in fact, is not quite desirable, so, everyone as far as possible to bypass just good.So, what material should you choose for your shirt?In fact, a 30-year-old woman should choose a stiff shirt, only in this way, will be more durable.At the same time, will also let the 30-year-old woman highlights very capable, and very agile.Like the cotton shirt with higher rate of appearance, its crisp and crisp feeling is very good, and if 30 years old woman wears, also can let whole wear build modelling to show again sa, again cool oh.Not only that, but it can also make a 30-year-old woman look businesslike, very elegant, and feel very classy.About the shirt, although it is more common, and the frequency of use is particularly high, but if you want to wear a shirt unique, but also need to spend a lot of thought in the inside.So, in addition to learning these skills, you need to find new ways to be more attractive.