Paying attention to humanistic care can solve the labor shortage

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Lanping/Wen After the Lantern Festival, many local enterprises ushered in the post-holiday recruitment peak.CCTV reported, Yangtze river delta, zhejiang some places again after the Spring Festival labor shortages, some employers enterprises should open a monthly salary of 11000 yuan, age up to 50 years old, but still not many applicants, some of the machinery, food processing enterprises are short of people, especially technology skilled technician class talent is scarce,Year after year after the Spring Festival labor shortage plaguing many enterprises.This labor shortage is not unique to the Yangtze River Delta, and Jiayuguan, located in the northwest, is not immune.According to previous media reports, before and after the Spring Festival, the city’s catering and other service industry has a labor shortage, some hotels have a labor shortage of two-thirds, lack of staff, seriously affecting the quality of the hotel’s service, and some express companies are also due to lack of staff, almost can not open the bolt, causing recipients to “thank the flowers”.The author noticed that in recent days, in some local wechat groups, recruitment information emerged in an endless stream. In a wechat group of nearly 500 people, it was said that a large state-owned central enterprise recruitment of regular workers and labor information, mainly recruitment of general workers, pipelineers, electricians, fitters, riveters, welders, ventilators, heavy industries and other jobs.The age of labor is relaxed to 50-52 years old, and the monthly salary is more than 6,000 yuan, the social security “five insurances”, the eight-hour working system of five days a week, overtime pay, holiday pay, meal allowance, holiday allowance and so on. Just as the recruitment information says, “Stable work, high salary, good welfare.”But even with this generous offer, no one bothered.Sporadic job postings, such as restaurant waiters, security guards, caterers, cashiers, food delivery workers and other low-skilled jobs, are even more numerous. Some of the job postings even indicate “this AD is valid for a long time.”Thus, catering, Courier services such as employment demand is so large.There are many employers, but they are not always able to recruit desirable workers.According to jiayuguan Daily, at the 2022 “Spring Breeze Action” job fairs organized by relevant departments of The city on February 18, a total of 86 online and offline companies released recruitment information, offering 1,434 positions. Only 361 people reached intentional employment agreements, that is to say, a little more than a third of them reached their intentions.Far less than the recruitment companies demand.Labor market demand is not, of course, which side of wishful thinking, but the employer and job seekers two-way choice, such as under many enterprises to recruit enough time: improve treatment compensation, improve the working life environment, even send red envelopes to send tickets, but many job seekers because of had no skills do not conform to the requirements and are kept out of the employer;On the other hand, many applicants are not satisfied with the company’s salary, working environment, job requirements, and work intensity, but are still hovering outside the employment threshold.In order to solve this seasonal labor shortage, especially to alleviate the situation of the shortage of highly skilled personnel, many places spare no effort in talent introduction.According to, Zhejiang province’s new policy on talent introduction will allow college graduates to settle down in the city except in hangzhou.In addition, college graduates who work in Zhejiang can enjoy a living subsidy ranging from 20,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan or a house rental subsidy;College students who want to start a business can borrow 100,000-500,000 yuan.If the venture fails, the government will compensate for the loan of less than 100,000 yuan and 80 percent of the loan of more than 100,000 yuan.Yunnan province provides one-off subsidies of up to 1 million yuan for qualified imported talents.Zhuhai High-tech Zone has issued new policies for talents, including housing subsidies of up to 6 million yuan, living subsidies of 800,000 yuan and rental subsidies of 38,000 yuan.In many places, they have taken measures to address concerns about the development environment, children’s education, medical services, social networking, marriage and other aspects of talent innovation and entrepreneurship, hoping to solve the acute shortage of highly skilled personnel through these measures.From the reality, catering and other services are some of the technical content is low, after simple training can mount guard work of migrant workers, in their benefits, in addition to the low wages almost no any additional benefits, such as demand for migrant workers in health care, housing, children, safety demand of almost blind, employees were not given due care and respect.Make migrant workers have a sense of crisis, if there is a chance, the choice of job-hopping has become inevitable.In the final analysis, the core competitiveness of enterprises is the key to human, lack of manpower, competition is an empty word.Pan Axiang, the chairman of zhenxing Axiang Group Co., LTD., a famous enterprise in Zhejiang province, only takes care of human nature and makes employees have something to look forward to.He created a set of “5+3+2 principle”, that is, 50% of the profits created by the enterprise should be returned to the employees and society, 30% should be used for development and reproduction, and 20% should be kept for the accumulation of the enterprise.It is his self-created management philosophy that helped him build a powerful group enterprise, which now has assets of 1.8 billion yuan and has become one of the top 500 most competitive enterprises in China.It can be seen that the enterprise to crack the labor shortage, the most realistic way is to improve treatment, in addition to pay attention to humanistic care, with the “heart” to stay, and in peacetime, rather than “recruitment difficult” when only “cramming”.Enterprises must change the concept of employment, effectively improve the salary and treatment, give employees more professional dignity, development opportunities and humanistic care, and constantly improve employees’ loyalty and sense of belonging to the enterprise.