Haikou Audit Bureau launched the activity of visiting retired cadres during the Spring Festival

2022-07-08 0 By

Warm winter, spring to send blessings.Recently, haikou Audit Bureau carried out a Spring Festival visit to visit retired cadres, to send them holiday greetings and good wishes.Entrusted by bureau Party secretary, director Li Dongqing, leading group members into four groups to carry out condolence activities.With true feelings, with sincerely, fellow members of the bureau leadership at every door, sincere greetings to retired cadres and on caffeine arts, with concern about the old comrades of health, understand the old comrades situation and the difficulties of life, listen to the old comrades of the relevant opinions and Suggestions, thank you old comrades who concern and support for the work of our bureau.The retired cadres expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the bureau for their care, highly praised the achievements of the Municipal Audit Bureau, and expressed that they would continue to pay attention to the work of the Municipal Audit Bureau. They hoped that the work of haikou Municipal Audit Bureau would constantly create new prospects, gather new impetus and achieve new results.