When the family reunion, foreign feelings are strong!Mangbar sub-station “Police camp Spring Festival” to celebrate the Spring Festival

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In the Spring Festival, wanDing exit border checkpoint Manwand branch stick to the job of the auxiliary police gathered.In order to let everyone better celebrate the Spring Festival, feel the warmth of “home”, Mangbang branch station carefully planned, closely implemented, carried out the “Police camp make Spring Festival” series of cultural and sports activities.Stick Spring Festival couplets hang lanterns, decorate the camp to add flavor “this side is a little crooked, rightward a little…Ah, yes, yes, yes…”Police Zheng Qirun is sticking Spring Festival couplets, and next to the auxiliary police Jin Ma long stare intently, watching the effect.Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, the auxiliary police of the sub-stations worked hard to get together. With a clear division of labor and close cooperation, the camp carried out decorations such as pasting Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns and pulling colorful flags. After most of the day’s busy work, the camp was decorated with lights and colors, creating a festive atmosphere.Looking at the camp that they had decorated with their own hands, everyone smiled with pride and satisfaction.At the scene of the fun bowling game, police Officer Li Wei took a basketball and aimed at the water bottle in front of him, took a deep breath, and then threw the ball out. Only to hear the sound of “bang”, all the water bottles in front of him fell to the ground, and we couldn’t help cheering.On the other side, the ring game on the field we also had fun, with a ring fly out, to participate in the game of civilian auxiliary police have harvested their own prizes, the camp echoed with everyone’s laughter.After the badminton and basketball games, everyone still wanted more. Badminton and shooting competitions were organized separately.The people auxiliary police who watched the badminton court applauded for every wonderful smash of the players on the court, and everyone also showed their skills on the basketball court. Zou Daokuan, director of the high free throw rate of 8 out of 10, pushed the atmosphere of the whole court to a climax.At the end of the competition, prizes were distributed to the participants according to their rankings.Everyone said that they had a good time in the activity. More importantly, they relieved the pressure of work through various activities, exercised their body, gained a good mood and enhanced the relationship between colleagues.In a foreign land, stick to the post, the Spring Festival can not be reunited with family because of the responsibility, shoulder mission.Through a series of activities, the police camp was filled with a festive atmosphere and made everyone feel the warmth of home.When the family reunion, foreign feelings are strong!(Image source: WanDing Exit border Checkpoint Manwand Branch)