The Ministry of Education has issued a notice that the teaching schedule will be adjusted for new students

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In the summer of 2021, the education sector will usher in a major reform. The implementation of the “double reduction” policy has ushered in a major adjustment in the teaching mode for primary and secondary school students in the category of compulsory education.As we all know, compulsory education in China includes primary school and junior high school. That is to say, the tuition fees of these students are all borne by the state. School-age children only need to receive compulsory education, but it is different in high school.Because high school is not within the scope of compulsory education, and students are about to take the college entrance examination after finishing high school, students need to rely on the results of the high school entrance examination to decide whether they can be admitted to a high school and what kind of qualification they will enter. This is also the reason why parents and students feel so much pressure.Most high schools arrange the teaching schedule very fast. High school students need two years to learn the whole course of the three years of high school, because they have to set aside almost one year to review, so the study of high school students is very tight.Study from morning to night for high school students, just like “normal” in general, so that most high school students look very matched, after all, just like in a race against time, a slight negligence will be left behind, parents look distressed but powerless.”ShuangJian” finally turn to high school students, the Ministry of Education issued notice, teaching schedule adjust orientation for primary and middle school students, ShuangJian policy be born to let the students get rid of the bondage of extra classes, each big off-campus training institutions have shut down, let the students lose the way to make up a missed lesson, have more free time to do want to do, even in a serious amount of volume is nothing.But for high school students, the college entrance examination is everything, high school students in the college entrance examination results, will directly determine what kind of university they are admitted to, but also related to the future can not be ignored, high school students are under great learning pressure.In order to further reduce the study pressure of high school students, the Ministry of Education issued a “double reduction” policy for high school students, released before the winter vacation is coming, hoping to let high school students have a relaxed winter vacation.The ministry emphasized in the notice that it is forbidden to prepare for exams before the end of the first semester of senior high school.The school shall not violate the individual voluntary course selection and examination of senior three students.In other words, high school students will no longer be trapped in a tight teaching schedule because of “competition for progress”.With the adjustment of high school teaching schedule, students can spend more time on their first learning. After all, when high school students accept new knowledge points, the longer they spend on learning, the more they can improve their ability to memorize knowledge points.Is it necessary to reduce the burden in high school?Parents could not help questioning for parents, for fear that because of the sudden arrival of the policy, it will affect their children’s academic performance, especially for the parents of high school students, but also a “glass heart”, in fact, we can understand that the importance of the college entrance examination for each student is self-evident.In the view of most parents, only a tense learning atmosphere can make students better realize the importance of learning and maximize their morale to study hard in order to improve their college entrance examination results.As everyone knows, high school students are not “learning machines”, they also need to rest, in the tense learning process to get some respite, although “rush the schedule” can help high school students, for more time to review, but more time does not mean that the review efficiency is high.Questioning parents might wish to think from another Angle, if the students in the first contact with knowledge, because of the time crunch learning ambiguous, can ensure that in the review stage, students will be able to learn again?The reason why the public pays special attention to the college entrance examination is not only because the learning of various subjects in high school is more difficult, but also partly because most knowledge points in high school are closely related, so it is easy to learn poorly and difficult to accept later knowledge points.Instead of fighting for nearly a year of time, let each subject teacher again roughly over knowledge points, it is better to be in the student’s first contact, skillfully master and write down deeply, so even if the final review time is short, at least the teacher mentioned students can know.It is hoped that parents can realize that learning time is far from representing students’ learning efficiency. For example, many “fake learning” students, even if they sit in front of a desk for a whole day, may not be as efficient and learn more knowledge as top students in an hour.So parents should not use time to define their children’s learning progress, and also, the time spent preparing for the test does not determine a student’s performance. Even if more time is gained, if the student has not learned the knowledge in the first place, it does not matter how many times they review.For high school students, slowing down the teaching progress, allowing students to better absorb knowledge, and grasp the knowledge points firmly, can ensure the quality of students’ learning, which is also the result that many freshmen hope to see.Conclusion: For freshmen in senior one, there are many students who can’t adapt to the learning life in senior high school at the first time. Teachers’ teaching progress makes rapid progress, but students’ acceptance ability can’t keep up seriously. When the “double reduction” policy of senior high school is proposed, freshmen say bluntly: “Happiness comes too suddenly!”Topic of the day: Do you think the new adjustment of high school teaching Angle is reasonable?