Fake!Police alert!

2022-07-07 0 By

Recently, a number of citizens reported to the police that they had received text messages from “government departments” informing them that ETC had been locked or their health insurance had been discontinued and that online authentication was required to activate it.The text messages contained links to unidentified web pages, and users were asked to fill in their bank card numbers, withdrawal passwords, mobile verification codes and other information when clicking on the links.Once fill in these information, the capital inside bank card can be stolen immediately brush.Changsha city anti-fraud center quick disposal, active countermeasures, guidance 6 credit card stolen brush victims to recover losses, and blocked the interception of these phishing websites.Changsha anti-fraud center to remind the general public: this kind of SMS with unknown link is fraud SMS, click on the unknown link in the SMS, fill in the relevant information bank card will be stolen brush.Criminal means revealed 1, posing as an official cheater posing as “government departments”, imitate the format of official messages, tone, etc., widely send fraud messages.2. Contents of threatening messages will mention information such as “ETC expired certification and invalid activation” or “medical insurance discontinue and invalid”, and attach a web page link to trick the subject into clicking the link and “authentication activation” online.These web links are actually phishing sites.Once the victim fills in the personal information (bank card number, password, mobile phone number, verification code), the scammer synchronizes the victim’s private information through the background of the phishing site and transfers the money from the bank card.1. Please be aware of suspicious numbers and links to unknown websites.SMS messages that start with 000 or +82 are sent from abroad, and there are fraud risks.In particular, SMS contains unknown website links, please be careful to click.The link in the strange SMS may contain Trojan virus, which will automatically obtain the highest permission of the mobile phone after clicking, so as to steal the funds in the bank card.2. Do not believe the contents of limited use such as “ETC is locked and disabled” and “medical insurance and social security are disabled” in the text message, and the unknown link is induced to reactivate and verify.3. For business, please find a regular platform.Take ETC business as an example, please go directly to the major banks and other formal institutions to handle it. If you have any questions, please directly consult the local business hall or call the official customer service number for consultation.4. If your credit card is swiped, please contact the issuing bank immediately and prove that you did not consume the money.The reimbursement responsibility within the period of disclaimer can be exempted after the bank checks to be true.Don’t fall for it don’t point source link forward to remind | hunan of political science and law