Zichuan Rural commercial Bank: thick Spring Festival couplets sent to the door

2022-07-06 0 By

Mass daily zibo melts, China open to the media center on January 30 (reporter Yang Yutong correspondent Sheng-nan sun) thick festival atmosphere, fortune celebrates the New Year, recently, the paper studied the agriculture bank organize to send to the countryside activities, Spring Festival couplets convey good wishes to every family, this activity to fit into every household to stick couplets on the Spring Festival custom, set up volunteer service,For the villagers to send last year’s paintings, Spring Festival couplets, fu and other festival supplies, the volunteers went into the community, for the surrounding community residential buildings posted Spring Festival couplets, for the people to send holiday blessings at the same time, but also for the arrival of the Year of the Tiger added thick flavor, further shorten the distance with the people.On the basis of providing high-quality and convenient financial services, Zichuan RURAL Commercial Bank will continue to enrich and extend the connotation of its services. Through various activities, zichuan Rural Commercial Bank will continue to improve customer service experience, give full play to the efficiency of inclusive financial services, create distinctive service brands and help rural revitalization.