Zhang Fei: I am Zhang Yide of Yan!Who dares to fight me to the death?

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This article is based on the 42nd chapter of Luo Guanzhong’s novel Romance of The Three Kingdoms, which has nothing to do with the official history of Zhang Yide’s riot at Changban Bridge and Liu Yuzhou’s defeat at Hanjin Mouth.After Cao Cao captured Jingzhou, he pursued Liu Bei all the way. In order to maintain his image of benevolence and righteousness, Liu Bei was unwilling to abandon the people and escape alone. As a result, he marched slowly and was overtaken by Cao Jun in a day after walking for a month.During his escape, Liu bei once again showed his amazing skill in escaping, even when his family was small and his commanders were scattered.Liu Bei ran faster than a rabbit.Friends reading The Romance of The Three Kingdoms may find: you can beat Liu Bei, but you will never catch Liu Bei!Although Liu Bei had escaped, his family was not big enough. Zhao Yun rescued A Dou, Liu Bei’s precious son, seven times in and out of Cao’s camp, but Cao Jun was also hot on his heels.When he reached the Changban Bridge, he suddenly stopped. There was a soldier standing alone on the bridge on his horse, but he stopped many Cao soldiers. Who was this man?Zhao Yun was followed by Wen Pin, an old general of Jingzhou, who was familiar with the road here and soon reached the Changban Bridge.He saw Zhang Fei standing alone on the bridge with his horse and the dust flying in the forest behind the bridge. Fearing an ambush, he stopped his army and waited for backup.Soon, Cao Ren, Li Dian, Xia Hou Dun, Xia Houyuan, Le Jin, Zhang Liao, Zhang He and Xu Chu all came.Cao Ren, Li Dian and Xiahou Dun, who had suffered many times for slighting the enemy, did not dare to act rashly. They were not afraid of Zhang Fei, but of Zhuge Liang.Cao Cao was not afraid of Zhuge Liang, because he had never fought zhuge Liang before, but he was a little afraid of Zhang Fei. Why?In the war of returning to White Horse in the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Yan Liang, general of Yuan Shao, repeatedly defeated cao’s spirit, but Guan Yu saw him as the one who sold the first bid and killed him in one round, all generals were surprised at that time.At that time, Cao Cao said to Guan Yu, “General, you are a man of god!”But Guan Yu said, “What is the way of a certain person?My brother Zhang Yide took the head of a general from a million soldiers, just like the ear out of a bag.”Cao Cao had witnessed guan Yu’s fiercness, but his brother was fiercer than guan Yu.When he saw Zhang Fei, he suddenly remembered guan Yu’s words and felt a little nervous.Seeing Cao Cao’s presence, Zhang Fei shouted, “I am Zhang Yide of Yan!Who dares to fight me?”Cao Camp will not dare to move.Zhang Fei drank again: “Yan man Zhang Yide is here!Who dares to fight to the death?”Cao Cao was a little afraid: what if Zhang Fei suddenly rushed over just like Guan Yu did when he cut off Yan Liang?Zhang Fei then drank for the third time: “Fight and don’t fight, retreat and don’t retreat, but why?”The third sound made Xia Houjie, cao Cao’s general, so frightened that he fell off his horse. Cao Cao took advantage of the situation and ran back.When the general ran, the general ran with him.Zhang Fei’s single-handedly blocking cao cao’s army was unprecedented. It was not only zhang Fei’s contribution, but also that of Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu.Although Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu were not on the battlefield, their previous achievements left a shadow on the enemy and caused psychological burden. These factors indirectly led to zhang Fei’s success.Cao Cao did not flee for long, but his generals stopped him. They thought they should not retreat just because Zhang Fei was here.So he came back and found that Zhang fei was cheating.The Cao army regrouped and vowed to capture Liu Bei.As mentioned above, Liu Bei could be defeated, but he would not be captured.By this time, Guan Yu’s reinforcements had arrived from Jiangxia. Exhausted from chasing them for a day and a night, cao’s troops had no morale and had to retreat.In Cao Cao’s calculation, Liu Bei is small, Jiangling is big, chasing Liu Bei is also to prevent him from taking Jiangling.Although liu Bei was not captured, his plan to take Jiangling was broken, and The city eventually fell to Cao Cao.Did not get Jiangling, Liu Bei against Cao Cao’s chip was suddenly a lot less, with his current strength, it is impossible to overturn, but things in the world is such, impossible often contain infinite possibilities.The arrival of an individual brought a glimmer of a turning point to the Liu Bei who lives in despair, who is this person?Let’s look at the next decomposition.