Xi ‘an High-tech Zone: An Endless series of “contracts”

2022-07-06 0 By

International online Shaanxi report (reporter Liu Honghua) : The recent ancient city of Xi ‘an, various areas in different forms to show the “grab the spring” of urgency.In Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, one of the most busy things is the endless “signing pen”.Back on February 8, the second working day after the lunar New Year holiday, xi ‘an high-tech zone held the opening ceremony as a key project in the first quarter, advanced manufacturing, services, infrastructure, people’s livelihood security, such as four categories, plans to invest 25.5 billion yuan in 31 projects focus “ground”, climaxing in xi ‘an high-tech zone in 2022 “four high” speed up the potential of the first shot.It takes a certain amount of time for a project to negotiate investment, sign a contract and start construction.Xi ‘an Hi-tech Zone is clearly aware that only a compact and orderly reserve, planning, starting and putting into operation of key projects can ensure sufficient regional economic development.Xi ‘an High-tech Zone did not “rest and relax”. On February 15, one week after the commencement of the key projects in the first quarter, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone held a series of activities on the signing ceremony of the key projects in the first quarter of 2022.Qi Haibing, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the management committee of the zone, said in his speech that the main purpose of holding the centralized signing is to build a platform for enterprises to deepen cooperation and mutual benefit with the zone.On February 15, a total of 26 projects were signed, totaling 53.3 billion yuan, involving high-end manufacturing, electronic information, new energy and new materials, modern services and other fields.In view of this batch of signed projects, Qi Haibing said that the signed projects are leading, leading and growing, representing the forefront of scientific and technological innovation, the development of productivity and the trend of industrial transformation, and are the key direction and key areas of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone to build a modern industrial system…It will become an important support for the high-tech zone to implement the new development concept and achieve high-quality development.Launch ceremony “to meet the new xi ‘an” series of investment promotion activities and projects focus on signing conference in xi ‘an high-tech zone xi ‘an industry signing the scene photography Zhang Jingpan besides, held in February 16 launch ceremony “to meet the new xi ‘an” series of investment promotion activities and xi ‘an industry projects focus on signing conference, xi ‘an high-tech zone with four companies signed a contract,The 55611 industrial system has been further strengthened as new troops have been added to industries such as biomedicine and electronic information.Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has identified 2022 as the year of accelerating the construction of “four high-tech”, which is the key to promoting economic growth, scientific and technological innovation, urban construction and livelihood protection.Xi ‘an high-tech zone is put forward, to adhere to the “strategy targeted, scientific project target, project list, the list”, and left the goal of “four high” in real project, project planning ahead, education is practical and efficient landing projects, and projects in powerful, service in place timely and precisely project appraisal, project policy.At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, the goal has been set;A false start to the year, fruitful.On the new journey of the construction of the “four high-tech”, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone is constantly writing new and wonderful works with an endless “contract pen”.