What is the level of a family that can save 140,000 yuan a year in Korea?Central bank gives’ answers’

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More than 40 years have passed since the reform and opening up. During this period, the industrious and brave Chinese people have created myths one after another with their own hands.Skyscrapers, subways shuttling between cities, highways spanning mountains, rivers, lakes and seas are all testimony to the country’s greatness and strength.With the development of economy, the living standard of common people is also rising.Since ancient times, Chinese people have had the habit of saving. With rising incomes, will saving become easier?In theory, if you earn more money, your savings should go up, but in reality, if you earn more money, your expenses will go up, and you’ll be lucky to save half of your salary all year round.If that one year can put 140,000, belong to how level in our country?Is it easy to save $140,000 a year?In the past two years, with the continuous rebound of the epidemic in China, the increase of economic downward pressure, the continuous rise of prices and other factors, people’s awareness of storage is also increasing.For the average worker family, 140,000 yuan in a year’s memory is a job that requires great effort and superior conditions.It was, is and will be difficult to save money.With prices now rising, it’s harder to save money.According to authoritative data, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents is 17,642 yuan, and the per capita consumption expenditure is 1,147.7 billion yuan, among which the per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents is 14,566 yuan, and that of rural residents is 7,464 yuan.Income minus expenditure is savings, which can be calculated as the amount of money a resident can save in a year, which is accidentally a negative number.Through data accounting shows that the average deposit of urban residents in China is less than ten thousand yuan a year.If 3 people are a family, and have economic income outside, the money that a year can save comes down is also insufficient 30 thousand.This data and save 140,000 a year, the gap is still quite large.In China, 20% of the people hold 80% of the wealth. It can be imagined that the income of the vast majority of people has not reached the average income level, and the actual deposit amount may still be greatly reduced, and it is difficult to make ends meet.Second, what is the level of a family that can save 140,000 yuan a year in China?In China, for most families, it is not bad enough to meet the daily life. On the basis of meeting the family consumption, it is impossible for many people to save 140,000 yuan a year.There is a fundamental difference between making money and saving it, and most people will feel the same way.With so many consumer goods, it’s not easy to keep your hands on them.So what is the level of a family that can save 140,000 yuan a year in China?In today’s society, the gap between rich and poor still exists, and the number of poor is much higher than the number of rich.In addition, according to the savings data released by the bank, it can be seen that among the depositors deposited in the bank, 2% of depositors’ deposit amount is equal to 80% of depositors’ amount.This fully proves that the gap between the rich and the poor in our country still can not be ignored, the rich or very few.The number of Internet users in China reached 989 million, 15.3 percent of whom earned less than 1,000 yuan, and 32.7 percent of whom earned more than 2,000 yuan but less than 5,000 yuan, the data showed.Through the data, it is not difficult to find that the income level of Chinese residents has increased, but the increase is not obvious as expected, most people’s income is not higher than 5000 yuan.Savings are household income minus expenses.Some families have high incomes, but their expenses are also high and they don’t have much money to save.Although some families have relatively low income, they are relatively thrifty in daily life and save more each year. However, in today’s society, the vast majority of families are under great pressure.Statistics show that the debt ratio of the post-80s and post-90s generation has reached 44.58%, with the average debt of the post-80s generation reaching 220,000 yuan and the post-90s generation also reaching 120,000 yuan.At present, the post-80s and post-90s are the main force of Chinese workers and the main participants of social labor, and these young people are paying more and more attention to their quality of life, so saving money has become a luxury for them.According to the central bank’s annual data, the average debt of Urban households in China is as high as 512,000 yuan, with the main source of debt coming from the purchase of family property.And for the purchase of home mortgage expenditure is a fixed monthly expenditure.Secondly, children’s education costs, parents’ pension costs and so on, it is quite difficult to maintain the normal needs of life every month, if there is savings, life happiness must burst.According to data from tax authorities, only 80 million of the 1.4 billion people who reach the personal income tax threshold in China can reach the threshold.Therefore, from this point of view, the annual deposit of 140,000 is definitely at a high level in China.High cost expenditure, for the common people can save money is a kind of hope.It is conceivable that a family can save 140,000 yuan in a year, which must be a very high level in China.This is wanda’s goal that is out of reach for most families.If the family has a mortgage, children’s education, it is already very hard to save money all year round.With the development of market economy, while the cake is getting bigger, there are problems in the way of distribution of the cake, which leads to the gap between the rich and the poor in China at the present stage.With the rising housing prices in China, many young people are already in debt to buy a house, let alone realize any savings.A large number of rural labor are in a low level of income gap, administrative organs, public institutions, social organizations and other staff salary level is relatively consistent, except for part of the non-statistical gray income, the explicit income difference is small.More or less, there are some extra expenses in family life, such as children’s education fund, supporting the elderly, and there are also some debts. For these families, after deducting these expenses, the income is only enough to live.Summary According to the data released by the deposit insurance, the domestic deposit in 500,000 people only accounts for 0.37%, really to complete a year to save 140,000 is still a certain difficulty.Therefore, it is one of the key points of China’s economic development to adjust the current income distribution and realize the common prosperity of socialism.However, for every family, the deposit is a very important financial ratio, after all, in the event of emergencies, the deposit is the guarantee of family life.I do not know whether it is easy for your family to complete 140,000 yuan of savings a year?