Paper-cut pot sugar painting sweet, in the district strong Flavor

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Sansho metropolis daily on January 24 (article/video media reporters Even silver correspondent Xue-feng Yang) as the festive holiday atmosphere, spread the Chinese traditional festival culture and folk customs, today morning, changsha street was fixed by tianxin slope son street community party committee joint area unit, community residents crowd and unable to return home for the holiday, because of the job, “new citizens”Held the theme of “Our Festival, Spring Festival — traditional sugar painting” new icac “, “migratory birds” reunion sweet “fun get-together activities.Fishing for a pot, cutting window flowers, sugar lotus heart painting sugar painting, not only baked delicious rice cakes, but also get a big Red envelope.Interesting folk games, traditional food, everyone gathered together, exchanged greetings and welcomed the New Year with laughter.Sugar painting is a traditional folk handicraft, carrying many people’s childhood memories, “as soon as you come in, you smell the sweet taste of maltose!”Zhou Miao, who came to the event, was both excited and looking forward to it.Children can’t wait to learn how to make sugar paintings, while community Grid volunteers teach them how to make them hand by hand.Thick syrup after mixing, on the drawing board presented various shapes of sugar painting, “a lotus”, “a tiger”, “a smiling face”, after cooling, with a small spatula knife to the sugar painting, stick on the bamboo stick, a hand-painted sugar painting is done.Two big “tigers” interact with residents at the event site, “The small class of clean government knowledge has begun!Residents who answer the question correctly will receive a big red envelope for the New Year!”The cute “tiger” is deeply loved by the residents, especially the children. The children who got the red envelope are beaming with a satisfied smile.The crowd cheered. Lee Geon-woong, who was working at the post office, said, I got five signatures..At the event site, the community distributed New Year gift packages to residents and friends through ingenious games such as “Happiness in The Pot” and “Happy Fishing bag”.You can get a bonus card if you hit a happiness stick or catch a big fortune bag.At the end of the game, you can exchange prizes with the integral cards. The district units have prepared rich gifts for residents and friends. The more the number of integral cards, the prizes will be upgraded.After a round of game experience, the residents are not satisfied with each other, the joy is expressed.Such a joyful and immersive holiday experience is not only new and interesting for children, but also meaningful for adults.Through this special and traditional form, the community residents and “new migratory bird citizens” who spend the Spring Festival on the spot experience the unique interest and inherent charm of Chinese traditional festivals.