High-speed railway Taizicheng station surprised “coffee master”!Service for Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-07-06 0 By

The opening ceremony and events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are eagerly awaited. In order to better serve Olympic athletes from all over the world, taizicheng Station has been upgraded again.Taizicheng Station is located in the heart of the Chongli Competition area for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The circular glass building in front of the station is called the “Eye of the Olympics”, facing the Awarding Venue where 51 gold MEDALS will be awarded.What is different about Taizicheng station as a high-speed railway station serving the Winter Olympics?In addition to general station of “standard” prince city station is also equipped with special in and out of the station channel service centre and the Olympic athletes Athletes service center in the station on the second floor layout design in surface water, divided into comprehensive service area, athletes waiting area, waiting area, media and politicians waiting area, barrier-free waiting area five functional areas.In the form of traditional Chinese ink painting, the background wall of the service center shows the “Dajingmen” and “Snow ruyi” in the heavy snow, and presents the “Bird’s Nest”, the Temple of Heaven and the Badaling Great Wall in the Chinese style, symbolizing the echo between Beijing and Zhangjiakou.There are 44 seats in the waiting area, with live broadcast screens and train number screens.The furnishings in the waiting area will be adjusted according to the needs of different groups of athletes for different times of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.The media waiting area has a total of 24 seats, providing services for news media journalists from all over the world. The wall and desktop are equipped with power supply, USB interface, etc., so that everyone can use electronic devices continuously.Learn about the Coffee Master robot!The service center is equipped with a self-service snack area to provide special water, drinks, snacks and so on.The column lamp next to each area is engraved with snowflake pattern. The soft warm color lighting enhances the indoor atmosphere and makes you feel more warm and comfortable.In addition, the service Center has also set up two volunteer service desks for the Winter Olympics, providing translation in English, French and Japanese, as well as guidance and reception for disabled people and professional international emergency services.During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Taizicheng Station set up a special channel for the Winter Olympic Games. Special personnel to guide athletes and staff through special platforms, ticket gates, parking lots in and out of the station to the ice and snow appointment. We are ready