A list of major issues concerning people’s livelihood in Henan province in 2021 has been released

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On February 10, the provincial government information Office held a press conference to announce 10 key issues concerning people’s livelihood to be dealt with in 2022.The livelihood of the people is closely related to their lives.Since Last September, the provincial government has invited people to express their opinions through email, QR code and other channels, and listened to the opinions of relevant departments in cities across the province and directly under the provincial government, and finally decided on 10 practical matters concerning people’s livelihood for 2022.”We need to ensure that the issues concerning people’s livelihood are proposed by the people, decided by all of them, and handled by the government, so as to ensure that the issues that are ultimately determined are what the people are anxious about, worried about, thinking about, and looking forward to.”Provincial development and reform commission deputy director Li Yingwei said.Four of the 10 items on the agenda this year are “old faces”, including upgrading inspection Wells and old residential areas in cities, improving health care for women and children, providing rehabilitation and assistance to children with disabilities, and improving the capacity of mobile government services.The remaining six are “new members”.● High-quality promotion of the construction of “Everyone holds a certificate and skills in Henan”, the annual completion of skills training 3 million people, 2.4 million new skilled personnel (including 800,000 highly skilled personnel).● To realize the direct settlement of general outpatient fees and the five pilot outpatient outpatient radiotherapy and chemotherapy for hypertension, diabetes, malignant tumor, uremia dialysis, and anti-rejection treatment after organ transplantation, covering all counties (cities and districts) in the whole province.More than 800 designated medical institutions have been encouraged to directly settle outpatient fees for out-of-town medical treatment, increasing the amount of direct settlement of outpatient fees for out-of-town medical treatment.● Replace and transform the inspection well facilities with hidden security risks, increase the daily maintenance efforts, and effectively protect the people’s “safety under the feet”;We actively renovated old residential areas in cities and towns, and began renovating 370,000 households last year.● To promote the high-quality development of “four good rural roads”, build or renovate more than 5,000 kilometers of rural roads.● Promote the public transport operation of rural passenger trains, and add 1,000 administrative villages to realize public transport operation of rural passenger trains.● Actively develop rural e-commerce and express business, transform and upgrade rural delivery logistics infrastructure, by the end of the year to achieve 60% of the administrative villages to set up village-level delivery logistics comprehensive service stations.● Promote the construction of public kindergartens, build 200 public kindergartens, renovate and expand 300 public kindergartens, and add 90,000 public degrees.● Each street should have one comprehensive service facility for the elderly, with no less than 50 beds for the elderly.● Each community has 1 place for elderly care service;No less than 10,000 disabled or semi-disabled elderly families with financial difficulties will be transformed to adapt to aging.● Promote the number of elderly people accessing the Internet of the smart pension service platform to reach more than 10 million.To provide free cervical cancer and breast cancer screening for rural and urban school-age women and those covered by subsistence allowances, with 800,000 persons being screened for each.● Free prenatal screening for the prevention of birth defects and neonatal disease screening, by the end of the year to achieve the province’s early and middle pregnancy prenatal screening rate of 60%, newborn “two diseases” screening rate of 98%, hearing screening rate of 98%.● To provide rehabilitation assistance to children with visual, hearing, speech, physical and intellectual disabilities and autistic children who have household registration or residence permit in Our province and meet the requirements, the annual assistance is not less than 24,000.● To strengthen mental health services for adolescents, no less than 1,500 mental health services for adolescents are arranged in villages (communities) every year, more than 8,000 people receive individual consultations, and 200 “Qingyi Home” work sites are built.● Promote the construction and application of “Yushiban”, the mobile terminal of government services, realize the online “Yushiban” 4,000 items by the end of the year, and the number of real-name registered users exceeds 70 million.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with 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