2022 Yuxi TWO sessions | The first session of the Sixth People’s Congress received 6 bills

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By the deadline set by the first session of the sixth Municipal People’s Congress at 17:00 on January 26, the congress had received six motions jointly submitted by more than 10 deputies, five of which met the basic requirements of the motions, involving two legislative work and three supervision work.After examination by the Motion Examination Committee of the Sixth Yuxi People’s Congress and deliberation and approval by the presidium of the Sixth Yuxi People’s Congress at the fourth meeting, 5 of the 6 motions submitted by the representatives were handled as motions.Jiangchuan area delegation Gong Guicun etc are 12 representative proposed the establishment of “bill of yuxi city renewal regulations >, chengjiang city delegation yan-ying zhu proposed by 11 on behalf of the establishment of yuxi city < > property management regulations of bill, proposed by 10 representative XinPing County delegation Li Gang the implementation of < country revitalization of the promotion law of the People's Republic of China > of boardMethod to check the bill, including yuanjiang county delegation yan-hong hu proposed by 11 on behalf of the implementation of < the budget law of the People's Republic of China > the bill law enforcement inspection, China proposed by 12 representative zhengning delegation from the implementation of “food safety law of the People’s Republic of China > < measures for the management of food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors in yunnan province > law enforcement inspection bill,They shall be submitted to the relevant special committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and the relevant working committee of the Standing Committee for deliberation and study when they are not in session;The other one was transferred to recommendation.(Yuxi Daily all-media reporter Li Ruiming And Wang Yanchao)