In the 1990s, thousands of women swindlers have repeatedly posed as relatives of senior officials, defrauding enterprises and governments of more than one million yuan

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In the 1990s, a female swindler changed her identity several times, posing as the wife of the commander in Hong Kong, the younger daughter of General Yang Chengwu, the deputy director of the “China Veterans Foundation” and so on, swindling local enterprises and governments of millions of yuan.Finally the thousands of thousands of female cheater, in Hunan Zhi Jiang County fraud, was recognized by fellow countrymen, it was exposed arrested.The trickster, whose real name is Zhang Lijie, got her start in identity fraud back in the 1960s.At that time zhang Lijie family to farm work, and she was just graduated from junior high school, can not eat the hard work of Zhang Lijie, then three days two of the county grandmother home run.Zhang Lijie in the bus, accidentally heard passengers discuss, the county head is sick, in the discussion and someone said that now the county head is the secretary of the provincial party committee of the old subordinate.Zhang Lijie heard these, but directly went to the hospital to visit the county magistrate, falsely claiming that he is the provincial party secretary’s youngest daughter, father learned that the county magistrate was sick, deliberately let yourself to visit.The county magistrate heard is the daughter of the old head, very happy, immediately called his wife, will Zhang Lijie stay at home to eat and live, delicious and good hospitality.Half a month later, the county magistrate was discharged from hospital and made a phone call to the old head to express his gratitude.Results old head said he did not know this matter, his little daughter has been at home, until this time, Zhang Lijie’s lies were exposed, and at this time zhang Lijie, just 14 years old.In the face of this half of the female doll, the county magistrate did not pursue, but education Zhang Lijie to be a good man, not swagger after the car will send her back.But Zhang Lijie did not intend to stop, the cheating can only be a small test of zhang Lijie’s cheating career, then Zhang Lijie to cheat for a living.Zhang was sentenced to two years in prison for fraud in 1977 and another two years for theft in 1981.After serving his sentence, Zhang Lijie began to do black heart business, with all kinds of treacherous businessmen, unexpectedly rely on all kinds of means, became a million rich woman.However, the ill-earned money was soon squandered by Zhang Lijie. Later, she invested in various businesses, whether legal or illegal, almost all of them were losing money. In a blink of an eye, Zhang Lijie became a person with hundreds of thousands of debts from a millionaire.In April 1996, Zhang Lijie was wandering around guangzhou railway station, wondering where to go.Suddenly the station in front of the square, from people’s discussion, Zhang Lijie learned that next year commander in Hong Kong Liu Zhenwu’s wife to take the train.Zhang Lijie tried to squeeze forward, suddenly found that the eyes of Mrs Liu, from the appearance, posture unexpectedly and his spirit, a moment zhang Lijie will plan on my mind, she decided to pretend to be Mrs Liu fraud.Ready, Zhang decided to head north in search of a target.Zhang Lijie thought to the place, and then look for cheating objects, can be in the train way zhuzhou station, Zhang Lijie face shop up a middle-aged man.Zhang Lijie’s “professional habit” make her and man chat up, in the man’s words, Zhang Lijie learned that this person is a munitions factory salesman, named Ye Hua.This is really too opportunely, Zhang Lijie will cheat the target as the munitions factory.In the face of the “prey”, Zhang Lijie took out the “welcome Hong Kong to return to the motherland” picture album prepared in advance, pretending as if nothing had happened to read up.Then they talked with Ye Hua without a word about the things in the picture album. In the chat, Ye Hua asked, “It seems that elder sister is very interested in Hong Kong!”Zhang Lijie saw each other set up, the first performance was very surprised, and then pretend to be mysterious to say: “ah, originally is speculation with you, just want to chat with you, did not think you see, that I don’t hide from you, but you want to keep secret for me.”Ye Hua saw this and hastily said, “Don’t worry, elder sister, I won’t tell you!”Zhang Lijie immediately took out two photos from her arms and handed them to Ye Hua: “Do you see who this is?”Ye Hua took the photo and recognized Commander Liu at a glance. The second photo was a photo of Commander Liu and a woman.Ye Hua was shocked: “Sister, this is Commander Liu Zhenwu. I have seen his photo in the newspaper. Isn’t it you who took a photo with him?Are you…”Zhang Lijie saw Ye Hua thoroughly take the bait, before Ye Hua finished, she said: “Lower your voice, you are right, I am Liu Zhenwu’s wife.”Before ye Hua met the middle-aged woman turned out to be the commander’s wife, and immediately tried to get close to her: “What do you want me to do this time?Why take the train alone without an attendant?”Zhang Lijie pretended to be mysterious said: “the commander commissioned, north to several factories to visit, by the way to order a set of uniforms, because the commander does not want to announce, so I sent a person alone north.”Ye Hua exuded, did not expect in front of Mrs Liu hand “huge single” is his factory main, heart also secretly exuded is such a coincidence.But What Ye hua didn’t know was that he had just revealed the information to Zhang lijie in a casual conversation, without realizing it at all.Faced with the “big cake” in front of her, Ye Hua naturally did not want to miss the opportunity and quickly introduced herself: “My sister wants to order military uniform, our factory can, and the quality assurance.”Zhang Lijie looked at Ye Hua and said, “You?”Ye Hua immediately said, “Yes, yes, our factory can guarantee it.” Then Ye Hua introduced the technology, equipment, quality and other contents of the factory to Zhang Lijie in detail. Finally, ye Hua added, “If you want, you can give preferential price!”Zhang Lijie pretended to be serious: “This is not an ordinary uniform, it is a special style of troops stationed in Hong Kong, the requirements are quality, preferential or not preferential, is it important?”Ye Hua met Mrs Liu angry, immediately changed: “Yes, yes, quality is the most important, the army’s discipline can not be bad!”Zhang Lijie knew that the big fish had been hooked, now can not be anxious to pull the line, to wait for the “big fish” to swallow the hook.So Zhang did not answer, and they fell into a period of silence.After about ten minutes, Ye Hua lost her temper: “Wayan, since we met, you also said that we hit it off. I would like to invite wayan to visit our factory to see our strength, and then talk about orders!”See “big fish” thoroughly bite, Zhang Lijie pretended to be embarrassed, said: “commander has arranged my trip, temporary change is not good.But as you are sincere, wait until I speak to the commander.”Zhang Lijie then took out the mobile phone, according to a string of numbers, dial out.After some instructions, Zhang Lijie said to Ye Hua: “Well, the commander agreed that I go to your factory to investigate.”After receiving the reply, Ye hua was very happy, and then Zhang Lihua covered all the expenses, including transportation, accommodation and food.Two people came all the way to ye Hua factory in a city, Zhang Lijie was Ye Hua arranged into the city’s most luxurious hotel.The next day, Zhang Lijie in the factory leadership to show the forged “Hong Kong army munitions office power of attorney” and Liu commander’s “encyclical”, led Zhang Lijie will be inside and outside the factory to visit again.After the visit, Zhang Lijie said: “YOUR factory strength I have understood, I personally intend to order to you, but also commander decision.I’ll take them back to the commander for his approval.”Factory ready to zhang Lijie requirements of things, Zhang Lijie declined the factory to send a convoy of goodwill, because it is false, really to come out, and then alone back south.After a week, Zhang Lijie did come back to the factory, this time with two escorts, very happy to tell the factory leadership, Commander Liu agreed to sign with your factory order of 100,000 sets of military uniforms.The factory leaders at the scene couldn’t hide their delight at the figure of 100,000 units, an order worth 50 million yuan.Even if we don’t look at this order, after this, we can contact the commander of the troops stationed in Hong Kong, and the profits from this are endless.Thinking of these, the factory leaders hurried to formulate the contract, after a day of deliberations, the contract was generally decided.When it came to the signing part, the factory quickly signed and sealed, but when she looked at Mrs. Liu, Zhang Lijie just sat there and did not move, showing no intention of signing the contract.The director looked at Mrs Liu a face of doubt, at this time of Ye Hua but understand the truth, quietly and the director whispered a few.Then he handed Zhang a piece of paper, which said, “The factory is willing to pay madame one percent of the intermediary fee.”After reading it, Zhang put the note in her pocket and said, “Come to my hotel tomorrow morning to pick up the contract.”Then he got up and left, and the help behind him took the contract away.That night, Ye Hua carried a suitcase with 500,000 yuan in cash and walked into zhang lijie’s hotel.Zhang Lijie said: “rest assured, tomorrow I will send the contract to your company, the deposit will reach the company account in 10 days.”The next day, the contract as promised to the company, zhang Lijie did not appear.Factory leaders did not think much, thinking of the contract, waiting for the payment.And then wait for half a month, there is no news, at this time in the factory of a crowd to react, the Mrs. Liu, did not give them any contact information, even the name did not leave.The factory leaders learned that they had been cheated, holding the last glimmer of hope, contacted the troops stationed in Hong Kong and confirmed the fact that they had been cheated.Finally had to report to the police, but few clues, with the information means, in the vast sea of people to find Zhang Lijie difficult to heaven.After the fraud was successful, Zhang split the money into 15 accounts and hid in a relative’s house with the remaining 10,000 yuan.After about half a year, Zhang Lijie felt the limelight, they thought to come out again.This time Zhang Lijie found a picture album of General Yang Chengwu in a newsstand. Half a month later, a “deputy director” named Yang Yang appeared in a city civil affairs bureau in Fujian province.Zhang lijie, who this time identified herself as Yang Yang, the youngest daughter of Yang Chengwu, the founding general, is now the deputy director of the China Veterans Foundation in Beijing.The purpose of this trip is to be appointed by the leadership, bring 20,000 yuan in cash to your city, before the army day, comfort the life of the difficult veterans.Zhang lijie also lied: “20,000 yuan for a city veterans, it is a drop in the ocean, so I hope to take this opportunity to organize a donation here, and set up a branch, carry out relief work for veterans.”While saying, Zhang Lijie will take out all kinds of documents and documents, placed on the table, responsible for the reception of the director to view one by one.See Zhang Lijie formalities complete, that director immediately get up, busy say: “dishonor, dishonor!Director Yang how not to say in advance, it is good to do the reception work.”Zhang Lijie see “big fish” has bitten the hook, then calmly said: “I do not like publicity, father before I set out repeatedly told me, must not cause trouble to the place.”The two continued to talk for some time, zhang Lijie carefully laid the groundwork for the fraud, then the director himself drove Zhang Back to the hotel.Before Zhang Lijie rest, the director of the Civil affairs bureau will come to visit.The director is also a veteran, had been in the military for more than ten years, the founding generals very admire, so can not wait for the next day, they visited the house overnight.In casual conversation, the director first expressed his admiration for General Yang Chengwu, and then suddenly changed his mind and asked Zhang Lijie: “Are you really the daughter of General Yang Chengwu?”Zhang Lijie had prepared, unhurried from the bag to take out a photo, it is Yang Chengwu general family photo.Zhang lijie introduced herself and said, “Yes, I am my father’s youngest daughter, and my father loves me the most. Unfortunately, because my father is busy with time, I have never taken a family photo since I grew up.”Director hurriedly explained: “Yang Director you don’t misunderstand, I was too excited, MY admiration for the general is unspeakable, so just thinking about their own confirmation.How is the general these days?”With a smile on her face, Zhang replied, “It doesn’t matter. It’s right to be cautious at work.My father is in good health. Now he is recuperating in Sichuan. He will write his memoirs in his spare time.”Two people have been talking late into the night, here also had to admire Zhang Lijie, in order to defraud homework really foot, just did not reveal the secret.The next day, Zhang Lijie will be 20,000 yuan in cash to the director, the civil Affairs Bureau will immediately carry out work, while organizing sympathy for veterans in difficulty, while accompanied by the director personally, publicity around fundraising.In just 30 days, a total of 980,000 yuan was raised.Zhang left 280,000 yuan in the name of the “China Veterans Foundation”, which was used to build local chapters and carry out relief activities for veterans.Zhang Lijie left with the rest of the 700,000 yuan, before leaving even charged that after half a year will come back to check the results of work.The result is really until Zhang Lijie was caught in the crime in another place, the local government did not know that was cheated.Only a little more than a month after the crime, Zhang Lijie again in Anyang, with the same excuse, but this time did not pretend to be Yang Chengwu’s daughter, but under the alias of Wang Liyan, the false identity is still the “China Veterans Foundation” deputy director.The fraud, Zhang Lijie raised a total of more than 800,000 yuan, not only cheated money, but also in Anyang, the establishment of the “Chinese Veterans Foundation Anyang branch”, also attended the ribboning ceremony.After the event, Zhang took half of the money, leaving more than 400,000 yuan to the local construction fund branch.Before leaving zhang Lijie also promised, will as soon as possible to the superior instructions, to the branch allocated 600,000 yuan to help carry out the work.But after waiting for more than two months, the Anyang government still did not see the grant, so it inquired the unit through the post and Telecommunications Bureau, but found no results, and then asked the Ministry of Civil Affairs, only to know that they had been cheated.Fraud to the local head, Anyang Police brigade immediately out, according to the ribbon-cutting photo zhang Lijie left, released to the national notice, to pursue Zhang Lijie.Half a year later, Zhang Lijie went to his hometown very close to Zhi River county fraud, this thought of close to home familiar with the situation, but did not expect to turn over the boat at home.This time Zhang Lijie did not play from senior cadres, but disguised as a Japanese consortium “Rihua group” senior leaders.At that time, Zhi Jiang County is to attract investment to build mantangxi hydropower station and worry, Zhang Lijie will lie that the “Daily chemical group” is looking for investment projects in China, can consider the project investment of 30 million, but the need to pay “attract capital early credit fund 80 thousand yuan”.In the county to discuss how to use this “opportunity” to attract capital, Zhi Jiang County public Security Bureau suddenly received a report on the phone, said that the woman’s identity is doubtful, and their own home by a cheating woman appearance similar.In the criminal police layers of review, contact around the company to find out what it is, all for fake positions, Zhang Lijie has a hunch that the situation is not good, escape in advance.But the police have mastered zhang Lijie’s accurate information, only with two days in Zhi River local Zhang Lijie arrested.This continues to pretend to be the relatives of senior officials fraud thousand face female cheater, finally ushered in the outcome of justice.Last period wonderful: 2000 masked ghost continuous robbery color several people, killing a brother and sister, the gangster was a “woman” more wonderful case story, welcome to pay attention to the Wolf gentleman.The picture has nothing to do with the story, the names of the cases are pseudonyms, and the plot is partly adapted.If you think the story is good, please recommend it to more people.This article for the Wolf gentleman see original, unauthorized reprint is strictly prohibited in any form, plagiarism will be prosecuted.