The authorities finally got their hands on this “mechanism”?The new hero can kill teammates and grab all kinds of buFs

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Maybe the designers of The League of Legends created a second new hero after a short period of time in order to make the game experience better for the players.Compared to the last scraping hero, the appearance of this hero can be described as a full output. On February 2nd, league of Legends officially released some information about the new hero Lenata, including the skills and hero mechanism.Many fans also called her a “drag”.This new hero is very interesting, there is general attack additional damage, and Q skill imprisonment effect, at the same time, there is a stun and high output, W skill can be resurrected.If an ally dies during the buff, it reanimates and gains 100% Max health. Health decays for 3 seconds. If an ally kills an enemy hero during the buff, it stops decaying and increases to 35% Max health.Such a mechanism is indeed perverse.E skills are deceleration and shield.R skill is the chaotic mode of the new mechanic “rampage”.So let’s sum up the hero: high damage, scary respawn effects and bonus damage with teammates, as well as slow down, own shield and stun control.Basically the perfect hero.Complete with the ability to turn over the game!Compared to other heroes, the happiest part of this hero is the “rage” ability, in which enemy heroes receive 2 buffs: 1.They gain 100% attack speed.2. Attack all nearby targets!This is where you can attack all of your targets, including your teammates caught in the middle of the enemy.So officials have now added a setting (attacking their own friendly forces first).Here you can operate the place is very much, can achieve a game victory, but also can harm their side from the opposite side of the closer teammates.Or use some meaty heroes to open the group, such as Titan such auxiliary and mundo such top order.As soon as this mechanism came out, players demanded: must BAN!The fact that he was born as BAN also shows how tyrannical the character is.So just how overbearing is “Chaos mode”?First of all, when an enemy is under this berserk Buff, all gains go to Lenata, including kill buffs and heroes.At the same time, under the attack speed buff, like all attack speed heroes are very good, such as Vaughn and A series of AD, followed by some special flat A ability triggered heroes, such as the hero.Under the 100 % bonus, and then with its own attack speed, so can let the enemy “cannibalize” to complete the overturn.And judging by her positioning, she can hit the auxiliary position.Play wild can only wait until the specific line to do online test effect.A very well-rounded hero.There is also plenty of room for experimentation.So.Keep your hero teammates away from these mechanics when enemies use Renata!