Tang Yin fight “epidemic”!Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: I will be on duty this Spring Festival

2022-07-04 0 By

The Spring Festival, family reunion.In this happy and peaceful festival, Tangyin County people’s Social Security Bureau more than 80 cadres and workers still serve in the anti-epidemic front line, with no regrets and perseverance, protecting the people’s lives and health safety, helping the county epidemic prevention and control of the final victory of the battle of exteriation!February 1, on the first day in the morning, tangyin people club bureau is mainly responsible for comrades xue-min wang and party member YanJingHai and other members of the leadership team has full nucleic acid testing group to the county, county, 302 provincial highway bayonet on family members’ hospital group, the county railway bayonet volunteer service group, visit sympathy to people in disease resistance line club cadres and workers, to extend New Year greetings, send you New Year wishes to them.In the nucleic acid testing group, the staff responsible for the statistical transfer of nucleic acid testing samples and test tubes at all isolation points in the county are ready to start another busy day.County people club bureau is mainly responsible for comrades to this group of workers in turn issued condolences, and stressed: “nucleic acid testing statistical transport work is important, everyone on the job not only to overcome physical fatigue, spirit should also be highly concentrated, during the Spring Festival, I will continue to be together with you to hold position, it is because of our stand, to make this a special New Year more meaningful!The epidemic will not retreat, we will not retreat!”Later, the leadership team of the human Resources and Social Security Bureau respectively came to the county 302 provincial Road checkpoint duty post and the county Railway Bureau family hospital volunteer service post, to stick to the front line comrades expressed cordial sympathy and extend the New Year’s blessing.At the same time, he urged the checkpoint officers to strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control measures, conscientiously do a good job in data inspection, information registration and other work, strictly prevent the entry of external barriers, to build a solid security line, and strive to let the people feel at ease to have a happy year!”Thank you all. It is your selfless dedication that has protected the happiness and well-being of the people. It is your unrepentant adherence that has brought the hope of victory.Happy New Year to you all!”The words of the leadership of the human resources and social security system inspired the spirit of the frontline cadres and staff to fight the epidemic and conveyed the confidence that the war will be won!The sky was clear outside the window.The retrograde figures of “I am on duty this Spring Festival”, the sincere expressions of “I am fighting the epidemic” and the good wishes of “Tang Yin refueling” made the Spring Festival look particularly warm and moving under the warm sun in winter.Winter to spring haze elimination epidemic scattered, day high sea wide again!(Correspondent: Wang Yuping)