Who did The jialing sketch satirize?This is not to denigrate the mother-in-law rose powder female net red, the net friend is familiar

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Who did Jia Ling zhang Xiaofei satirize in her sketch?This is not by denigrating the mother-in-law fan female network celebrity?Familiar with Internet friendliness?It is said that art comes from life and is higher than life. Only in this way can works of art be remembered and become classics.Recently gala sketch the line of fire, it is Gu Ling Zhang Xiaofei sketch “double celebration”, Gu Ling Zhang Xiaofei play is a pair of old woman daughter-in-law, because Zhang Xiaofei publicity to flow, the mother-in-law image uglification, lead to her mother-in-law anger is full, so the old woman daughter-in-law to meet that sentence is too classic, “this is not the dirty can be in public, by denigrating the mother-in-law rose pink Venus red?”?The netizen listened to how to feel so familiar!Understand 28 events of this matter memory is too deep, since the outbreak of the wrong change event, bear and du a nostril out of gas, two people conspire to seize the only property of Xu Min, originally all recognize, each back to each home to find each mother finished, but too strange!How could the child be changed without any reason? Some of Du’s confused behaviors were not accidental but artificial, and du’s false id card and altered medical records had to be suspected.What’s more, bear is the daughter-in-law of Du’s family and the property and house should also be given to Du, but she is holding on to Xu Min’s house. Is this going to kill xu’s family?How sinister!Later, Tian Jing live with goods to do the wind, let bear envy, also want to increase the flow of bo eyeball powder ah!For later live with goods to lay the foundation, so Xiong lost his temper, low voice to Lao Du said, “My dad let you curse Xu Min traffic,” Lao Du was too old to hear, so Xiong pouted mouth close to Lao Du ear said again, “My dad let you curse Xu Min traffic.”Lao Du didn’t hear it, but the whole Internet did, and the despicable faces of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were exposed to everyone.By denigrating the former mother-in-law to earn traffic practice, aroused public indignation, once caused the entire network of verbal criticism, Xiong Du also became a synonym for bad mother-in-law, want to do a good job in advance learn to be a man, character determines the future, by denigrating the former mother-in-law to earn traffic, can buy your goods?Character such as goods, to really want to obtain effective flow, so that you look at you with new eyes, unless the house quickly returned to Xu Min, perhaps we will forgive you young and ignorant do not care with you!What do you think? Leave a comment in the comments section!