Wang Rui investigates collective economic projects in towns and villages

2022-07-03 0 By

On April 2, the deputy secretary of the county party committee, acting county magistrate Wang Rui to The Yangling village magnolia cultivation base of Jingyang town village collective economic project.Yangling Village is located in the southwest of Jingyang Town, Luoning County, with obvious geographical advantages, convenient transportation, rich resources and a good industrial foundation.Yang Ling village in recent years, combined with the natural environment landscape, yulan flowers and plants nursery stock industry as the priority to the development of local characteristic industry, the introduction of red series of yulan magnolia, michelia champaca, seedling breeding, let once barren hills TuLing conversion, become a tourist entertainment “web celebrity punch”, dazzling country revitalization of the complex.During the survey, Wang Rui communicated with Yang Jianya, secretary of yangling village Branch, and affirmed the work of the two village committees.Wang rui pointed out that the development of village-level collective economy is a necessary condition to promote the development of rural revitalization strategy, and the experience of Yangling village should be vigorously publicized.Townships and relevant departments should enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency of developing and strengthening the collective economic work of the village, drive the two committees of the village to play the leading role of the village cadres, enhance the enthusiasm of the village cadres in the development of the collective economy of the village, and seek common development;According to the characteristics of regional resources, the characteristic industries should be developed according to local conditions, and the working ideas should be constantly innovated to develop and strengthen the village collective economy in a diversified way.The implementation and development measures of projects should be refined to ensure stable operation and high efficiency, attract the active participation of villagers, create scale effects, broaden development paths, increase people’s income and get rich, and achieve collective warmth and win-win development.Yi Jianbo, deputy chairman of the County CPPCC and director of the Rural Revitalization Bureau, and relevant responsible comrades from the county government office and Jingyang Town accompanied the investigation.Source: Favorite Loning