Chengdu’s first china-Laos return train entered the domestic stable supply chain to help enterprises resume work and production after the holiday

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“Ah…”On February 7, with the strong roar of the train, a freight train loaded with productive raw materials passed through boten port in Laos and entered China. It is expected to arrive at chengdu (Shuangliu) international air rail transport port in two days and enter Chengdu Comprehensive security Zone Shuangliu Park.The originating from vientiane Laos station, by the fourth port to chengdu shuangliu) empty tin international intermodal port’s first trip to chengdu after the Spring Festival holiday return international trains to Laos, marked the chengdu shuangliu) empty tin international intermodal port to Laos Laos international trains full implementation of the current shipment, for the production of the enterprise in chengdu provides a strong supply chain security.”The delivery of this train is so timely that it can enter China on the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, which provides great convenience for our partners to start work smoothly.”Yang Ke, general manager of Ificent Supply Chain Management Co., LTD., the shipping company, said the shipment of cassava flour, a raw material widely used in the food and non-food industries, was carried in 40 40-foot containers, each worth about 75,000 yuan.Currently, China’s annual import demand for raw materials such as cassava flour is about 2 million tons. This batch of cassava flour, weighing 1,000 tons, will mainly serve the production needs of enterprises in Beijing and southwest China.Eficent supply Chain management co., Ltd. is a trading and supply chain integrated company, shipping iron ore, rubber, beer and other goods all year round.”We used to use ‘land transport + railway’ as the main mode of transport, which was high freight, long time and corresponding high transport costs.”Yang Ke said that in the past, goods sent from Laos to Chengdu had to be transported by truck to China and then transferred by rail, which took about eight days, and the average freight was about 1,200 yuan per ton.Now, with the opening of china-Laos return international freight train, it becomes easier and faster for them to deliver goods. One line directly reaches Chengdu, eliminating intermediate turnover and saving transportation costs by 20% to 30%.For supply chain enterprises, volume is the key to profitability.Yang Ke introduced that they will take advantage of the convenience of china-Laos return international freight train, expand the cargo category and transportation volume, increase the shipment of fruit, rice and other agricultural and sideline products, is expected to achieve 3 million tons of freight this year, 10 times the previous year.Zheng Shuangli, deputy general manager of Chengdu Airport Modern Service Development Co., LTD., introduced that the length of china-Laos return international freight train transportation is 1848 kilometers. Starting from Vientiane, it takes 3-5 days to reach Chengdu (Shuangliu) international air rail combined port via Boding port, which not only greatly reduces the transportation time, but also provides stable supply chain guarantee for enterprises.It will also promote the Chengdu (Shuangliu) international air-rail port to become an important node of global supply chain services and an international logistics hub.Online supply chain integrated service system for enterprises to reduce the cost of financing Laos return the international operation of trains, for the enterprise, in addition to lower transport costs and transport volume has increased, more beneficial, from the shuangliu district, railway departments and financial institutions to build supply chain integrated service system also officially running, “logistics, trade and finance + information integration services online.What is the integrated supply chain service system?What convenience can it bring to the enterprise?”In fact, the integrated supply chain service system is to integrate logistics, capital flow and information flow through the supply chain information platform, and integrate the China-Laos railway logistics service pipeline, the Bank of China’s international financial service channel and the local foreign trade service channel, so as to achieve a win-win situation among local governments, banks and enterprises.”Bank of China (Hong Kong) Vientiane branch assistant director Liu Jian said.”Through the supply chain comprehensive service system, we can also provide enterprises with upstream and downstream procurement and distribution channels, truly build logistics channel into a trade channel, for enterprises to become bigger and stronger platform.”Chengdu Airport modern service development Co., Ltd. vice general manager Zheng Shuangli said.As an international gateway hub and an important node of “One Belt and One Road”, Shuangliu International Airport has been committed to exerting its influence as the fourth largest aviation hub in China and expanding the channels and ways of foreign exchanges and cooperation. The international air-rail port is one of them.On September 27, 2021, on the basis of original international aviation network system, perfect the shuangliu international railway network to form an empty rail transport advantages, to improve the response speed of the international supply chain service system and the safeguard ability, for the purpose of running the first train from chengdu shuangliu) empty tin international intermodal port freight trains, originating the yunnan boten ports to vientiane, LaosIt marks the comprehensive opening of the “air-rail-highway” multimodal transport channel of the port, helping Chengdu to accelerate its integration into the new western land-sea channel.On November 23, 2021, the first sea-rail combined freight train from Chengdu (Shuangliu) international air-rail combined port to Qinzhou Port and then to Southeast Asia was officially launched, realizing efficient integration and distribution of air, rail and sea.On December 4, 2021, “China-Laos International Freight Train” officially departs from Chengdu (Shuangliu) International Air rail Transport Port, opening up a seamless and fast new channel for Chengdu to Southeast Asia, helping regional industries better leverage the opportunities brought by RCEP and integrating it into the national development strategy.”At present, the three international trains are in stable operation.”Zheng Shuangli, deputy general manager of Chengdu Airport Modern Service Development Co., LTD., said that trains from Mohan port in Yunnan to Vientiane in Laos will be listed as a weekly train, trains from Qinzhou Port to Southeast Asia will be listed as a weekly train, and trains from Boding port to Vientiane in Laos will be listed as a weekly train.At present, chengdu (Shuangliu) International air-rail combined port stably starts and runs five international freight trains every week, providing a more stable international supply chain guarantee for the rapid circulation of parts and finished products between Chengdu manufacturing enterprises and factories in Southeast Asia.The above-mentioned trains mainly transport textiles, electronic products, small household appliances, cross-border e-commerce products and auto parts, while the China-Laos return trains mainly use productive raw materials to help domestic enterprises’ production and development, according to the report.In the next step, the china-Laos return freight train will expand the transport of agricultural and sideline products, and continue to enrich the table of Chengdu citizens.Chengdu Daily · Jin View news Tang Jing reporter Chen Fangyao for map Shuangliu district editor Tian Li proofreading Wang Jian