After the emperor died, the concubine was sent home and married a beggar on the way. After 20 years, the beggar became the emperor

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In the history books of all dynasties, most concubines failed to leave their names. For the three thousand concubines in the harem, it seems that only the deeds of the empress and the imperial concubine are worthy of historical records. Most of the other concubines died in the harem or were forced to be buried after the death of the emperor.However, some emperors were kind-hearted. Most of the former emperors’ concubines would send them home. During the Five Dynasties, Emperor Li Cunxu’s concubine Chai Mei was one of them.After Li Cunxu was killed, Chai Mei was dismissed to return home because she had no children or was never favored. On the way, she married a beggar. To our surprise, this man also became the emperor 20 years later.Today, let’s take a look at the twists and turns of the story.After the death of the emperor, the five Dynasties and ten Kingdoms were demobilized, which was the most chaotic period in China. The dynasties changed at a fast speed. In addition to wars, coups and upheavals often occurred within the country.Li Cunxu’s father was Li Keyong. He was appointed as king of Jin and stationed in Taiyuan. After Zhu Wen overthrew the Tang Dynasty, Li Keyong established the Separatist forces of Hedong (Jin) to fight against him.Li and his son are loyal and patriotic, because Li Tang has gifts to their home, so in the local planning to overthrow Tang Zhaozong, Li Keyong led troops to the king to protect.At the age of 11, Li Cunxu followed his father to calm down the chaos caused by the war. Thus, He was appointed as the governor of Xi State by Tang Zhaozong.After Zhu Wen established the post-Liang regime, Li Keyong and Li Cunxu refused to recognize his orthodox position, so they fought each other for more than 20 years. Later, Li Cunxu inherited the title of King of Jin from his father.Afterwards, Li Cunxu appointed wise men and scholars, led his troops to destroy the Later Liang and made Luoyang the capital, which was called the regime of the Later Tang.During this period, he led his troops to annex Qi, subjured former Shu, and acquired Fengxiang, Hanzhong and Liangchuan, shaking the southern states.However, such a brave emperor was killed in a mutiny after only three years on the throne. The reason was that he indulged in beauty, allowed the queen to interfere in government affairs, and also used wise men and eunuchs to kill loyal officials and generals. Finally, the people were scattered and his own destruction was brought about.As for his foolishness at that time, the history books have several things to prove it, among which the most famous is that he indulged the scoundrels’ presumption of propriety.Li Cunxu loved singing since childhood, and often indulges the scholars to play in the palace. He gave himself a stage name, Li Tianxia.Once, Li Cunxu was playing with the musicians in the palace. Suddenly, he shouted, “Li Tianya, where is Li Tianya?”The smart man listened to the new mill, raised his hand and slapped him in the face.Li Cunxu was disconcerted for a moment. Jing Xinmo smiled and said, “The emperor is the only one managing the country. Who are you calling for?”Li Cunxu was not angry, but rewarded the new mill.When he was in power for three years, a rebellion broke out in China. Li Cunxu sent Li Siyuan to rectify the rebellion. However, He did not expect that Li Siyuan was kidnapped by the rebels and participated in the rebellion.Finally, Li Cunxu was killed by the rebels and Li Siyuan seized the throne.After Li Siyuan ascended the throne, he executed those who were guilty, disbanded Li Cunxu’s huge harem, and sent concubines home, including chai Beauty.Shortly after Chai Mei-ren entered the palace, she met a sudden change and was driven out of the palace before she got the favor of Li Cunxu.Fortunately, Li Siyuan gave them each money jewelry, as travel expenses and future livelihood use.Chai Beauty plan to return home first, find parents parents to do plan, then travel back home.When her parents heard the news, they came to greet her and were surprised to see her. After listening to The story of chai Beauty’s life in these years and surviving the war, a family of three cried together.A family while talking on the way home, unfortunately encountered heavy rain, so they found a roadside inn, lived for a few days.One day, chai Mei was enjoying the scenery in the rain at the gate when she suddenly saw a robust “beggar” in the rain.He was a man of great appearance, but of poor appearance, and he was passing by the inn.Chai Beauty heart pity, then asked the inn inn this person’s situation, the inn answered, “the horse step army to Make Guo Wei Guo Quer also.”Chai Beauty back to his appearance, more feel like, they wait for Guo Quer in advance on the second day.They met and fell in love at first sight. Chai Beauty told her parents about her marriage with him that night.After hearing this, his parents were shocked and shook their heads against him immediately, “Your emperor controls people, and should be married as a strict minister. How do you want to marry this person?”Chai Mei replied, “He must be a great man. I can’t miss him.”Her parents agreed to the marriage because they could not persuade her.Chai Beauty will be divided into two pieces of property, one for his parents, one by himself and Guo Wei.After marriage, she learned that Guo Wei is also famous, but because of turmoil, but reduced to a soldier.And Guo Wei also gambling bad habit, sometimes also eat lazy, irresponsibility.For his character, Chai did not complain because of these and heart, but patiently persuaded him to help Guo Wei on the right path.Guo Wei was the later emperor of the Later Zhou Dynasty, but unfortunately, Chai died before he could take the throne.Guo Wei was so distressed that he proclaimed her empress and passed the throne to Empress Chai’s nephew after his death. Of course, this is all later.After the death of Guo Wei’s father, who had worked for King Li Keyong, guo Wei’s mother passed away, leaving the young Guo Wei an orphan.Later, with the help of relatives, he grew up and became an adult. Because of the flying sparrow on his neck, everyone called him Guo Quer.When Guo Wei came of age, because he was big and strong, he joined the army and later became a soldier of the Later Tang Dynasty.During this period, he took to gambling and fighting.After that, he met Chai-shi, and with her support and help, Guo Wei gradually gained his own influence.Later, Guo Wei helped Liu Zhiyuan to claim the throne and got his own fief due to his contribution. However, he was suspicious of Liu Chengyou and launched a mutiny to overthrow Kaifeng and overthrow the later Han regime.Because Guo Wei and Chaishi met and married in trouble, so the feelings of two people has been very good, even after guo Fugui died, there was no change of heart.Twenty years later, Guo Wei succeeded to the throne, but Chai was dead, the heartbroken Guo Wei conferred chai queen, the posthumous title of Saint Mu.After that, although Guo Wei had concubines, he never appointed an empress again. And before his death, he appointed chai’s nephew as his heir, which shows his longing for chai and his love for her.In his early years, Chai left his parents and entered li Cun-xu’s harem. He was dismissed home without any favor. On the way, he met guo Wei, the beggar like emperor of the Later Zhou.Two people each other, this can grow old together, but helpless fate lane people, Chaishi died of illness, it is regrettable.Although there is only a brief introduction about Empress Chai in historical books, according to folk stories, she was a strange woman.What do you think about that?