Why is Kimchi not on the Winter Olympics menu?Bocog’s official response is a slap in the face

2022-07-01 0 By

Beijing (Reuters) – The Beijing Winter Olympics drew to a close on February 20, and the games were generally very successful and praised by athletes from all over the world.American snowboarder Tessa Moder has said she loves it so much that she will definitely visit China again.Russian women’s singles champion Elena Serbakova said, she came to China for the first time, here gave her a warm memory, everything in the Olympic Village is very good, the room conditions are very comfortable.’It’s amazing that China can successfully hold such an event under such circumstances,’ said Norwegian speed skating champion Kroll. ‘Beijing has the most beautiful skating rink in the world.’Ioc President Thomas Bach said the Beijing Winter Olympics were a great success and the relevant authorities have discussed with China the possibility of holding large-scale sports events in Beijing in the future.However, there are always one or two people who like to carp, and no matter what the Beijing Olympic Committee does behind the scenes, they can’t seem to meet their needs.South Korean speed skater Chung Jae-won said, “It’s not good at all. I went to the canteen once that day and I don’t want to go there again.”Korean women’s speed skater Kim Bo-rin complained, “All the cuisine is Chinese. I just want to go home.”The South Korean delegation then applied to the Organizing committee for special chefs and nutritionists to tweak the menu for the Team.The Beijing Olympic Committee said earlier that it would try its best to satisfy the South Korean delegation’s requests and provide them with satisfactory food.When asked why kimchi is not on the menu, a spokesman for the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) had a simple response: “Meals are served on healthy and nutritional principles.”It was only nine words, but it hit Korean athletes hard in the face.It’s not that kimchi isn’t good, it’s just that it may have to be a little bit subserved.To put it mildly, it lacks nutrition.After all, kimchi is just a pickled vegetable, which is obviously not fresh enough. China has long been known as the “land of gastronomy”, and the popularity of gastronomy is more than just talk.South Korean athletes are used to eating kimchi at home, so when their favorite dish is not on the menu, many of them can not get used to eating it, and have started to complain.Winter Olympic village restaurant food reserves are very sufficient, rich categories, can fully meet the taste of players from all countries.We have Chinese food, western food, Korean barbecue, Japanese food and pasta.Instead, many athletes from European and American countries chose Chinese food over Western food in this Winter Olympics.Dumplings, pot bao rou, doubao, malatang and Dandan noodles have become Internet celebrities in the village, while Sichuan and Hunan dishes are also popular among athletes across the world.Some athletes said they ate 200 dumplings, and another athlete ate six bean buns a day. It can only be said that the Korean team is not used to eating the food of the Winter Olympic village, not the Chinese food is not poor nutrition.