Jim Carrey: Hollywood is a bunch of spineless people. Will Smith should be arrested for that slap

2022-07-01 0 By

Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars set the Oscars on fire, and Jim Carrey on fire, too.Recently, he said in an interview, will Smith should be arrested, if he is, he will also require the compensation of $200 million, the reason is that video, “insulted” for longer periods of time, Jim carrey railed against other actors as the Academy Awards, “. It means a group of business people in Hollywood.”Jim Carrey is a Canadian-american actor best known for films such as The Truman Show and Man on the Moon, who has worked mainly in comedies in recent years.In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, Jim Carrey talked about two memorable moments from the Oscars:Will Smith received a standing ovation as he accepted his second best Actor award for His role in King Richard.Jim Carrey said he was furious about the whole thing, including the cheers from the audience.Will Smith, in his opinion, should be more severe punishment, such as the expulsion of (the ceremony) or been arrested, charged, because the slap is not only for personal, also caused irreparable damage to the Hollywood industry, “this shows clearly that Hollywood has a group of business people, we are no longer the cool club.”The controversy over Smith and Rourke came after the Academy issued an official statement saying the awards “do not tolerate violence of any kind” and urging people to focus on the winners.Will Smith has apologized twice, but Rock has never spoken publicly and has refused to report the incident to the police.The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said it has not reported the incident to the police and will cooperate with the investigation if reports are received.Jim carrey believes that fellow comedian (rock) just don’t want the “trouble” situation to continue, “however, if I am a rock, I early in the morning will be announced, I want to Sue will Smith, I would request the compensation of $200 million, the reason is that the video will continue to exist, and apparently is everywhere, the insult will last a long time,If you want to express dissatisfaction and yell in front of an audience or say something on social media, that’s fine, but you don’t have the right to go on stage and slap someone for something they say.”Will Smith and Jim carrey is met when I was young, when the anger of will Smith, he also specially emphasized, not with his close friend, just, “I hope he can do better, he has done great things, but (slap on Oscar others) is not a good time, he is very selfish,He cast a shadow over everyone in that glorious moment.””Chris, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to you.I crossed the line. I was wrong.I’m ashamed of it. It’s not how I should be.There is no place for violence in this world of love and kindness.I also want to apologize to the Academy, to the producers, to all the guests and to all the viewers around the world.I also want to apologize to the Williams family and the King Richard family.I deeply regret that my actions have tarnished what should have been a wonderful experience for all of us.”This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.