Foshan many people were rushed to hospital!The sudden drop in temperature is something everyone should be alert to

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Wet cold magic attack has arrived in Sanshui, according to sanshui Meteorological Station, the lowest temperature in Sanshui 5℃, cold orange warning is in effect!In order to keep warm and keep warm, some friends “don’t want to turn off the hot water in the shower, use air to keep warm and don’t open the window…”This kind of behavior!Real!!!!Very!!!!Dangerous!Danger!Foshan 110 received a report of 33 cases of gas poisoning from February 1 to February 16, foshan 110 received a report of gas poisoning in Danzao, South China Sea at 20 o ‘clock on February 2.After receiving the report, foshan Public Security Bureau Nanhai Branch police auxiliary staff rushed to the scene.At this time, the gas poisoning of the girl has been carried out of the bathroom family, see the house doors and Windows closed, police auxiliary personnel immediately open the house doors and Windows, close the gas valve, to ensure the safety of the scene environment.After the medical staff scene rescue, the girl slowly regained consciousness.It is understood that Ms. Cao (pseudonym) went out in the evening to see her daughter into the bathroom to take a bath, came back to find her daughter has not yet out of the bathroom, aware of abnormalities, immediately beat the bathroom door, can not answer after decisive forced the door to enter, found her daughter lying on the ground, unconscious, so the police for help.On the night of February 8, because of the cold weather, AH Hua (pseudonym) turned the gas switch to the maximum before taking a bath in order to improve the water temperature, and then closed the doors and Windows outside the bathroom.However, after 10 minutes of bathing, Ah Hua felt tired and dizzy. Realizing that it was gas poisoning, Ah Hua rushed out of the bathroom and collapsed to the ground.At this point, a Hua’s cousin is a side to rest, immediately open the doors and Windows, and will be transferred to the ventilation.About 10 minutes later, Ah Hua gradually regained consciousness and was escorted by his family to the hospital for further observation and treatment.Foshan City public Security Bureau south China Sea branch songgang police station police came to the hospital, in the determination of a Hua has no serious, police detailed to a Hua family to understand the cause of the incident.Originally, the bathroom used by a Hua’s family was converted from the kitchen. The bathroom shares a window with the kitchen, and there is no ventilation fan installed, so the space is airtight and not ventilated.At present, under the coordination of the police, ah Hua’s landlord has removed the old water heater and plans to install new equipment to completely eliminate the hidden danger of gas use.Staff gas poisoning, fortunately found in time on February 9 at 19:00, Foshan 110 received a report, gaoming lotus city employee dormitory building an employee took a bath when feeling unwell, suspected of gas poisoning.After receiving the report, foshan City Public Security Bureau Gaoming branch patrol officers rushed to the scene, to assist the medical staff, the party was carried to the ambulance to the hospital treatment.It is understood that the water heater in the employee’s home is installed in the shower room. On the day of the incident, the doors and Windows in the shower room were closed. She felt unwell after taking a shower, and her family called the police for help.Winter and spring season, especially when the temperature changes dramatically, is the peak period of carbon monoxide poisoning. We must pay attention to it and not take it lightly.If you find a pungent smell in your home, please quickly open the doors and Windows and check whether there is gas leakage in the room. In case of emergency, please dial 110 or 120 for help immediately