Civilization tourism | flowers without harming the flowers Civilization is also a beautiful scenery

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Each big park to watch flowers blooming is good time to Beijing flowers blossom qingming festival small long vacation the citizens have been out to the park for an outing flowers, enjoy the spring sun civilization is also a beautiful scenery at the same time the park are civilized and garden theme activities for you to create the safe and civilized atmosphere in the Beijing grand view garden into a sea of colour, Long cui guan hong mei,Pink yuyemei on the west side of Xiaoxiang Pavilion, peach of flower mound, white magnolia of provincial villa, apricot flower of rice fragrant village like snow, lilac of cui Yan Bridge, the winter jasmine of jinlou have been in full bloom one after another.Citizens lingered among the pavilions of the Grand View Garden, enjoying the beautiful scenery of flowers blooming like brocade.The Beijing Grand View Garden has launched a “Civilized tour to enjoy beautiful scenery” on the Qingming Festival holiday under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements of normalizing epidemic prevention and control.To ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic and the smooth and orderly spring tour, volunteers patiently assisted tourists to scan codes and register in front of the gate area of Beijing Grand View Garden. They also enthusiastically provided tourists with tourism consultation and planned the tour route.In order to facilitate the elderly to check the information of Healthbao, Beijing Grand View Park is equipped with intelligent equipment for checking the health code of the elderly and young in the open area in front of the park. Citizens can automatically check the information of Healthbao by swiping their ID cards or cards for the aged and disabled, which greatly facilitates the elderly to enter the park and effectively avoids the congestion caused by the code scanning problem in the gate area.At the scene of the activity, volunteers also issued civilized tourism leaflets to the public, advocating tourists to care for the environment of the scenic spot, improve the awareness of ecological protection, and jointly create a civilized, healthy and harmonious garden environment.In the park, tourists civilized shooting gradually become a fashion, in some places to appreciate the flowers, orderly take turns to find the “C”, do not grab a position, do not break the flowers, quietly enjoy the colorful flowers in the spring.At the same time, in order to make everyone get a better experience of the park, Beijing Grand View Park strictly implement the “limit, reservation, off-peak” and other measures of the park, suggest that people off-peak spring outing, civilized flower appreciation, keep the distance of viewing and taking photos, protect the green green, let the park beauty stay.As Tomb-sweeping Day comes, Beihai Park presents a scene of “grass growing and warbler flying in the February sky, while willows drunk with spring smoke blowing over the embankment”.Mountain peach, dried plum, magnolia, begonia and other open, for the people who visit the garden to bring beauty to enjoy.In order to create a “safe, civilized, harmonious and orderly” civilized environment for tourists, the park combines the prevention and control of the epidemic with the publicity of civilized garden, and carries out a publicity campaign themed “Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility, and civilized garden tour is you and ME together” during the holidays.At the event site, the volunteers of “Green Emissary Volunteer Corps” and the staff of Beihai Park reminded tourists to wear masks, keep a distance of one meter and queue up in an orderly manner, and take the initiative to scan codes for registration.In the park, grid inspectors wearing red armbands and holding loudspeakers remind visitors to be civilized, not to congregate or crowd together, not to spit, smoke, feed animals, make noise and litter.In the scenic area, the staff of Beihai Park strengthened patrol, publicized the concept of cherishing cultural heritage and protecting cultural relics and historic sites, improved the awareness of citizens and tourists to consciously abide by the provisions of cultural relics protection, and advocated the protection of cultural relics and historic sites without painting or climbing.In the flower concentrated area, the staff of the horticulture team issued to the tourists the proposal of “civilized flower appreciation not climbing and folding, not treading and shaking trees”, so as to be civilized flower appreciation people.The cruise ship wharf is strictly following the epidemic prevention and control requirements, and the wharf is disinfected several times a day.Thirty civilized guides from Xicheng District played an active role in guiding tourists to comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, wear masks and keep a safe distance of one meter when queuing to buy tickets.In front of the toilet in the park, tourists in the holding of “civilized toilet” propaganda board under the guidance of staff, consciously and orderly queue up.The concept of “abide by the norms of civilized behavior and share a healthy and beautiful life” has been passed to the hearts of tourists.Although the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complicated, with the joint efforts of all staff, volunteers and civilized guides of Beihai Park, and the support and cooperation of citizens and tourists, this spring in Beihai Park has become extremely beautiful!Text: Shi Wei Photo: District Cultural tourism Bureau